Monday, November 29, 2021

BRAZIL STREET FOOD: Coffee and Sweets

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Coffee (café) – to visit Brazil and not drink coffee? – God is your judge! But I highly recommend a cup of real Brazilian coffee in a good coffee shop. Forget about coffee on the promenade and in the hotel, this can not be compared with real strong Brazilian coffee, and you should know its taste. Take a look at professional coffee shops where you will get the most-fresh Brazilian coffee. Note: Armazem chain store-cafes are located in the center, on Kopakaban and Ipanema, varieties from all over the country are collected and prices are quite affordable: from 6 reais for 250 grams of ground coffee. I’m sure you won’t resist and try coffee before you buy it.

Sweets in Brazil

Brigadeiro is the most popular afternoon sweet in Rio. Brigadeiro is mainly sold in the city center, because it is there that office workers after lunch break buy themselves a delicious and very sweet little candy for dessert, made from condensed milk with the addition of coconut, cocoa, nuts, air cereal or any other products.

Tapioca is the best street food! I’m sure that you certainly won’t find a tastier snack. Tapioca is a product that resembles flour, but when it is poured onto a hot pan, the grains miraculously stick together, forming a pancake. Here in such a basis, you can safely request any filling: from strawberries with nutella or coconut flakes with condensed milk, to jerky with cheese or tomatoes with mozzarella and ham. It turns out incredibly tasty, hot and inexpensive, the city average prices from 5 to 7 reais from street vendors and 10-15 reais in a cafe.

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