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Christmas & Street Food in Italy

Christmas in Italy is certainly the most important Catholic holiday for its residents. No other country but here do they so strongly observe the religious traditions such as Holy Night.

Italians preparing for the Christmas celebration very carefully. Everything before the Holy Night is got to shine and sparkle clean. They greatly like to decorate their houses, apartments for Christmas and certainly are going to hang the Holiday wreath on the door. By December 24, even the sidewalks are decorated with red carpets and Christmas trees in large pots.

Today we are going to learn about traditional Italian cuisine for Christmas and street food in Italy. So what do Italians eat at Christmas?

1. Christmas bread, sweets and legends

Panettone – one of the main characters of Christmas in Italy

Italians do not forget about sweets on a festive night. The dish that almost every inhabitant of the country enjoyed is called Panettone. Each housewife has her own recipe, but, as a rule, the taste of the delicacy doesn’t differ too much.

Such a cupola shape bread, reminiscent of Easter cake. Panettone comes with an often varied history. One legend states that the head of the family broke a large loaf cake near the hearth in Holy Night. It was believed that bread crusts are good for sore throats, and they can be stored until February.

2. Pasta Carbonara, as a kind of street food in Italy, is considered one of the traditional (2.5 minutes) Italian dishes of this holiday. Pasta carbonara recipe for street food in Italia, is an interesting idea for business. Street food is one of the most important elements of the Italian gastronomic landscape, allowing you to learn about the geography of the country through traditional food. Carbonara is the most delicious Italian recipe.

Christmas in Italy is an amazing time for magic, beauty and the expectation of a miracle. Traditionally Italians celebrate Christmas with their families. The streets, churches and squares of Italian cities are decorated with Christmas trees, festive lights and a manger with baby Jesus. Come and discover  for yourself the whole amazing Christmas atmosphere and fine Italian cuisine.

Italian Cuisine – A traditional Italian cuisine that is widespread and popular around the world, thanks to dishes such as pizza and spaghetti. It is very diverse and regional, each region has its own traditional dishes.

The Italian cuisine is based on the centuries-old traditions with the cultural influences of the Romans, Greeks, Lombards, Arabs, and other peoples who have ever inhabited Italy or influenced the formation of its culture.

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