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Fink’s BBQ: A Taste Of True South

A Small Backstory

A while back, I had an assignment for another publication that took place at a “real Texan barbecue” in Northern New Jersey. It was run by a Texan, too. Being the daughter of a Texan, I knew I had to be realistic and a tough critic. At first, the BBQ didn’t disappoint, but things changed. 

When I went there, the food was excellent, you could see the smoke rings, and everything was nice and quiet. I decided to bring my dad there, despite his hatred of city environments. So, two weeks later, I went there.

Dear god, it was bad. The food didn’t have smoke rings. 90s KTU radio was playing at an ear splitting level. And worse, the cuts of meat were low quality. My dad glared at me while stoically eating shitty BBQ the entire night. I never felt so ashamed over food before. The restaurateur baited and switched me!

Needless to say, I’d been very leery of New Jersey barbecue spots since then. So, when I chose to do a review of Fink’s, I decided to surprise them. And in turn, they surprised me, too. 

Fink's BBQ

Fink’s: The Real Deal

When I went to Fink’s, I gave no indication that I was coming. There was no way to prep for my arrival. Almost immediately, I could smell the scent of real barbecue sauce there. The friendly staff gave me some suggestions: Carolina BBQ wings and some ribs. 

The wings had that tangy apple cider taste that people associate with the Carolinas. The meat was juicy and tender. Oh! And the ribs! The ribs just fell off the bone in a way that most BBQ in New Jersey doesn’t. 

How Did They Do It?

I found out that Fink’s isn’t just a good BBQ joint; it’s a study in culinary culture. The owners of Fink’s traveled throughout the United States to learn different barbecuing methods used throughout the United States.

Rather than try to “Jersify” it like others have, they stuck to the classic ingredient combinations used region by region. The end result? A restaurant in the heart of a BBQ wasteland that delivers legit barbecue that tastes like it’s from the heart of a true South Pit. 

Good Drinks And Ambiance

Like all respectable BBQ pits, Fink’s has a great bar stocked with both classic and artisan beers. The bartenders are always willing to recommend a good beer to pair your food with, and if you’re a wine person, that’s okay, too. They have a couple of good selections worth writing home about. 

The entire ambiance also added some of that realism. It feels like an old school roadhouse, complete with funky signs, black walls, and a little bit of natural grit. It’s the unpretentious beauty that people love to see in a good smoke pit. 

My Conclusion

As someone who usually sees Jersey barbecues as bullshit on a plate, going to Fink’s is something that is worth writing home about. Fink’s is the place you need to go when you desperately want real, stick-to-your-ribs barbecue done up with mouthwatering sauces and cooled with tantalizing beers. 

A friendly venue where everyone knows your name and every dish is a slice of Southern hospitality, Fink’s is a little island of true BBQ genius in a sea of faux BBQ gurus. Overall? I suggest it.

address26 W Madison Ave, Dumont, New Jersey 07628, United States

32 Orange Avenue Suffern, NY 10901
telephone(201) 384 3210

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