Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Grüvi Introduces Limited Release Non-Alcoholic Stout Beer

February 13th, 2020, Denver, CO — Grüvi, a leader in the alcohol-free craft-brewed category, announced today its newest non-alcoholic brew — Grüvi Stout — a full-bodied alcohol-free beer perfect for cold winter days. Helping consumers continue 2020 with the best wellness intentions, Grüvi Stout is now available for a limited time online and in select retail stores.


Grüvi Stout delivers the distinctly smooth and delightfully full-bodied characteristics of barley and chocolate malt one expects in a Stout-style beer, but without the alcohol. This dark ale contains hints of toasted malt, along with mild oat, coffee, and honey notes.


The next generation of America is the most social and diverse ever, with a greater focus on health and wellness, as well as community and connection. Whether you are sober curious or just looking for an alcohol alternative, Grüvi offers a line of full-flavored, alcohol-free beer and wine experiences.
“Grüvi strives to create an inclusive community focused on making better choices within our daily lives,” said Niki Sawni, founder of Grüvi. “As we enter the new year, your health is your wealth, and if you’re looking to drink less or not drink at all, it’s our hope that Grüvi Stout can help you be healthy and stay social, one beer at a time.”

Grüvi Stout comes in a 4-pack of 12oz cans and can be purchased online for $9.99 at, or at select retail stores in Colorado and Toronto, Canada. 

To learn more and to order Gruvi today, please visit To join the sober curious conversation, follow Gruvi on Instagram @getgruvi. 

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