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Australian café business is presented by  food for every taste and pocket. Sydney is a multicultural city, That is why hot-dogs, shawarma or wok noodles are sold at every step. But there are rather unusual places, saying cafe, where you can choose ingredients for your  dish. Just  put raw products in the bowl, weigh at the checkout, pay, and after a while they bring you fresh hot soup. The ingredients for the soup can be very diverse: from spinach to pork brains.

Grilled food (the most popular meat here is not that kangaroo, but beef and lamb)

Australians are real barbecue fans. The weekend passed in vain if you didn’t go to the barbecue. Everything is cooked on the grill here: meat, vegetables, seafood. There is a brazier in every house, and free barbecue makers are installed in parks and recreation areas. By the way, the most popular meat here is not that kangaroo, but beef and lamb.

  • Seafood

Australia is very rich in seafood: all kinds of scallops, mussels, oysters, octopuses, crabs, shark meat, trout, salmon, and white sea bass is even one of the country’s symbols. In some places  it is cooked in a very unexpected way: the fish is placed in an airtight bag and boiled in sea water obtained from a depth of 900 m.

The fate of this perch is unusual: once it became a sea fish from a river. Centuries ago, the natives so called the big fish, which was caught in fresh water. At the end of the twentieth century, someone thought that this attractive name aren’t meant to be wasted and used “white sea bass” instead of  lates. I must say, a new name perfect fit for this large, almost boneless fish with very soft meat .

Traditionally, there are two ways of cooking barramundi perch in Australia: to bake it in the oven or  grill it   to enjoy a pure  taste.  Well, perhaps, just a drop of lemon, or stuffed with vegetables and herbs to make flavor more rich.

  • Grilled sausages (sausage sizzle)

Grilled sausages are served on a slice of bread, poured with ketchup or mustard and sprinkled with fried vegetables. Tents with such sausages can be found near shopping centers or on sport events. Grilled sausages are often sold to raise money for charities.

  • Kangaroo steak

This dish is a union of the traditions of Aborigins and English colonialists. It can be cooked either in  pan or on the grill. First, Kangaroo kebab  is greased with a mixture of herbs and crushed garlic. We don’t know if you have tried roe deer meat, but they say that kangaroo meat is very similar in taste to it. The meat, by the way, is dietary: practically it has no fat. It contains a lot of protein and linoleic acid, famous for its  antioxidant properties and contributing to weight loss. In fact, kangaroo meat is not very popular among the local population: about 70% of the extracted meat is exported to the European market, the rest of the meat is either eaten by locals and tourists, or goes to feed the pets.  Kangaroo tails are good for cooking soup and meat goes for making  dumplings and steaks. And no, Australians don’t eat koalas!

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