Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Kokorec :One of the most consumed street food in Turkey

It is a food made from sheep’s   or goat’s  intestine and internal fat.  Usually cooked in a charcoal fire, sprinkled with cumin and red pepper and   consumed as a sandwich.

Actually mostly of it is prepared, cooked and sold in small kiosks and food trucks, and it is possible to come across almost in everywhere.

However, if you want to eat a very good kokorec, we recommend you to skip all the suggestions and go to Urla.

As we now know very well, Urla is the best option for almost all delicious food. Today, we are going to Lezzet Kokorec in Urla to eat Neco’s kokorec.

It was late when we arrived at Neco’s. That’s why we’re catching up the last kokorec. We’re ordering a quarter and a half kokorec.

We are starting a conversation with Neco.  He sells 12-13 skewers a day. It ends at this hour. We are last customers.

His brother is wrapping skewers. He is showing videos of the manufacturing shop  on his cell phone.

Neco’s son is a cashier.

His brother founded this business in 1985.

He was at the nearby manufacturing shop now.

Ingredients, from the butcher across the street. You can find our video about this butcher in our channel.

Again he shows us his instagram page on his cell phone.

He say to new arrival customers, that the kokoreç is over.

Breads are cut and put on the grill.

Kokorec is chopped into small pieces. It is put into bread and cumin is poured on it. If you want hot pepper can be added.

There are pickled peppers in small jars on the tables.

I bet you that Neco’s kokoreç is the most beautiful kokoreç you can eat.

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