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Meet Cookbook Author Tasneem Ahmad

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Must Read

She wrote a book (bilingual in English and German) on Indian-Pakistani cuisine several years ago that won an award at the Paris cookbook Fair / Gourmand and received excellent reviews in newspapers and magazines in Switzerland, including one from the prestigious Co-op supermarket:


“Tasneem’s Indian-Pakistani Cuisine Made Easy”

The cookbook was originally published as hard cover and has recently been made available on Kindle:

Tasneem’s Indian Pakistani Cuisine Made Easy: This book is Bilingual (English and Deutsche Ausgabe)ir?t=fdm04e 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B0882ZVF2K

We can list some features of the cookbook as follows:

  • Bilingual (English / German)
  • · Award winning
  • · Very good newspaper reviews
  • · Ingredients available at local supermarkets in most western countries (no trips to special Indian stores required)
  • · Very quick (most recipes take approx.30 minutes to prepare)
  • · Small portions
  • · Beautifully designed as a cultural journey

Book Reviews:

·        This book is much more than a collection of recipes.” Coop Supermarket magazine, Switzerland September 2011

·        “There is a good selection of typical recipes, including a lot vegetarian and suggestions for variations. Particularly useful if you want to try something but have not got the right ingredients” Hello Switzerland, June 2011

·        Tasneem has a gift for sharing herself and her culture that shines throughout in every detail of the book. In addition to the breath taking photographs with every recipe, beautiful pages are devoted to the India-Pakistan Kitchen” Round Robin magazine, Jan-Feb 2012

·        “This cookbook is pleasant to hold. The chapters differ by themes and colors. The home cooking recipes cover meat, fish, poultry and vegetarian dishes, specialties from eggs, various raitas and chutneys as well as drinks and desserts”19 July ZurichSee-Zeitung July 2011

About Tasneem Ahmad

Tasneem Ahmad originally comes from Lahore, a city in the Northeastern region ok Pakistani that is about 50 km west of the Indian city of Amritsar. She loves healthy living, cooking delicious and nutritious food and teaching people that Indian-Pakistani cuisine is easy and fun to prepare. Other passions include travel, discovering new cultures, yoga, ayurveda and designing products that blend East and West.

A Canadian citizen, Tasneem has been living in Zurich, Switzerland for the last ten years. She has been working in financial services and management consulting for the last eighteen years. Her work experience includes work for large global corporations such as the Royal Bank of Canada, KPMG and UBS.

With her international background and professional experience, she has lived or worked in Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Switzerland.

Foreword to the book

Over the years, friends, colleagues and acquaintances who enjoy the delectable nature of Indian- Pakistani food have asked me how to makes certain dishes. It has always been a pleasure to share my family’s cooking secrets and most rewarding when others find it fun and easy to follow my recipes.

This book is about more than recipes; it is about sharing a part of my culture and myself with people whom i have not had a opportunity to meet personally. It is a food autobiography rather than a simple cookbook. I have selected dishes that i have been preparing over the years and that are part of basic home cooking in the Indian-Pakistani region. This is the book i wish i had had when i was learning to cook!

Food is a passion. Having trained and worked as a banker and management consultant, home cooking has provided me a work-life balance in my professional career. My philosophy is two-fold: to encourage readers to make delicious and easy Indian-Pakistani meals and to entice them to discover a very old civilization which a rich cultural and spiritual heritage.

Visually, the book’s journey goes beyond food and spices; it includes maps, architecture, embroidery and textiles, and even festive and fragrant flowers- just enough to pique your interest.

We will occasionally post Tasneem’s articles and recipes on our website.

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