Friday, December 3, 2021

Thailand Street Food Part:2 Famous Thai Foods

So tasty and cheap, varied and affordable – street food in Thailand. What is the main difference between the stalls and where should I buy street food? What you should try first thing – we understand the abundance of the proposed Asian products.

We know one thing: travelers like Thai don’t like any other Asian cuisine – so get ready to get acquainted with new dishes that will soon become your favorites.

Tom Yam | Tom yum

In the field of gastronomy, Tom Yam is uniquely the main visiting card of Thailand. This dish must be tried for sure. A delicious soup that harmoniously combines all 5 basic tastes: sour, sweet, bitter, salty and, of course, spicy. A broth for Tom Yam is prepared on the basis of lemongrass, lime, galanga (something like ginger) and other herbs with a refreshing taste. Sometimes it is boiled in coconut milk.

For a first acquaintance with Tom Yam in Thailand, you should take a proven classic – Tom Yum Kung shrimp soup. The last word always means the type of broth or meat (Tom Yum Gai – with chicken). For the first time, it is better to order the option of one chili or little spicy, so as not to “burn out” from the inside out of habit – even this option will be sharp.

Pad Thai | Pad thai

A popular street food that every tourist should try in Thailand. Pad Thai is so popular that it is equally easy to buy at a mock shop on Pattaya Beach, at Phuket’s most expensive restaurant, or elsewhere. The dish is prepared from rice noodles fried in a special sauce with eggs, soy sprouts, tofu cheese and shrimp.

Even in the simplest supermarkets like Family Mart or 7-Eleven, which are everywhere in Thailand, it’s easy to buy inexpensive rice noodles to make Pad Thai at home.

Mango sticks rice | Mango sticky rice

An excellent vegetarian dish, which we recommend to try on a vacation in Thailand to every sweet tooth. It is based on sweet sticky rice boiled in coconut milk. It is served with the most tender ripe mango. It is good to drink this dish with tea or something else – it is very sweet. You can buy mango sticky rice at the markets or at the macau shops – this is a popular street food at all resorts in Thailand. In restaurants, the dish is served beautifully decorated, often tinting rice in unusual colors. You can buy glutinous rice packaging at a fairly inexpensive price in stores to cook this delicious Thai dish at home. You can also bring home coke milk in a tetrapack or a plastic bottle.

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