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The Polite Pig – Disney Springs, Orlando Florida

I have never been a big fan of barbeque. I grew up in the north and it’s just not my comfort food. So, when my daughter suggested going to The Polite Pig at Disney Springs, I wasn’t very excited. Boy, I was in for a surprise! The Polite Pig is a great casual, fast, fun restaurant that serves great food.

Polite Pig
Source: Polite Pig

The atmosphere is much like a fast food restaurant. It was very clean, and the lines moved quickly. You go to the counter and order your food. You are given a number to place on your table and when it is ready for you, one of the servers brings you a metal tray with your food on it. There is a counter in the middle of the seating area with napkins and condiments that you can pump into small paper cups. They have the old standbys like ketchup and mayonnaise. They also have some interesting selections like Thomas’s Southern Gold which is a mustard and vinegar-based sauce.

Polite Pig
Source: Polite Pig

This is not your typical BBQ restaurant. They have worked to elevate the food so that anyone, whether they like barbeque or not, can enjoy the food. There is a decent number of “shareable” appetizers, including a good Hop Salt Pretzel. There are sandwiches, salads, and meats from the smoker. They also have an extensive list of sides to go with your meal.

polite Pig
Source: Polite Pig

I ordered the Smoked Turkey BLT that had a sweet BBQ bacon-onion jam on it. I didn’t know what I was getting into but thought it sounded good on the menu. I also ordered three sides. The Crispy Brussel Sprouts, the Grilled Sweet Corn and the Mac N Cheese were too good to resist. They were all better than I could have hoped.

Polite Pig
Source: Deborah Williams

The Smoked BLT was amazing. It was a bit messy but worth the extra napkins needed. Each of the sides were well worth the money. The Mac N Cheese was done very well with a few bread crumbs on the top that gave it a nice crunch. The Grilled Sweet Corn was very nice and the sauce on it elevated the taste to a new dimension. My personal favorite was The Crispy Brussel Sprouts. They were cooked to perfection. I loved the crispy leaves that had fallen off and just couldn’t get enough of them.

Polite Pig
Source: Polite Pig

The servers were very polite and extremely helpful. They cleared off plates and trays quickly. The tables were cleaned quickly once a guest left a table. The cashiers at the counter were pleasant and very courteous. The restaurant also has an interesting beverage menu. It provides several local brews as well as a large selection of liquors. You won’t be disappointed with your options.

Polite Pig

Source: Polite Pig

Although I am not a huge fan of BBQ, the Polite Pig is a restaurant that I will return to again. It exceeded my expectations and delivered great food. If you are at Disney Springs and looking for a new place to eat, I highly recommend The Polite Pig.

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