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10 Food Superstitions You Never Heard About

Our world is filled with superstitions, lore, and rumors about everything from clothing to pets. Food occasionally comes up in superstitions from time to time, with the most commonly recited beliefs involving garlic and salt to ward off vampires and danger. Ho-hum, right?

There are more culinary superstitions than just those two mainstream beliefs.These more unusual superstitions still have fans and followers. Whether or not you choose to believe them is up to you.

Two yolk
  1. Breaking an egg to find two yolks is a happy omen. According to the old wives’ tales, this suggests that someone you know will get married or have twins.

2.Long noodles, long life. In China, being served long noodles is a sign that you’ll live to an old age. Cutting your noodles, on the other hand, suggests that your life will be cut short.


3.Find out if someone is crushing on you with tea. Love sweet tea? Want to know if someone is infatuated with you? Make sure that you look at the bottom of the cup to find out. If you have unmelted sugar at the bottom of the cup, you have someone that likes you.

knife fork

4.Learn who’s visiting. Superstition claim that dropping a fork indicates a woman will visit. Dropping a knife means a man will drop by. A spoon, on the other hand, means child visitors. If you drop the whole drawer, it probably means you are clumsy.


5.Don’t gift parsley. Parsley might be good for your body, but it is allegedly terrible for luck. Gifting parsley invites bad luck into your friend’s home.


6.Careful with your chopsticks! In both China and Japan, sticking your chopsticks straight down into a bowl of rice is both bad manners and an omen of death. To prevent death in your family, rest your chopsticks on the edge of the bowl or on a rest.


7.Never toast with water. According to German superstition, the worst thing you can toast with is pure water. Whoever holds a watery toast glass will end up suffering serious bad luck.


8.Upside-down bread is a terrible omen. In France and Italy, finding a loaf of bread upside-down or placing it upside-down on a plate is a bad omen. The belief stems from the practice of handing prisoners an upside-down loaf of bread before they would be executed.


9.Don’t borrow milk after dark. If you’re in India, you might notice that borrowing or buying milk tends to be a rare practice after the sun sets. This is because taking milk after dark is a quick way to invite sorrow into your home.


10.Have a lucky menu! Chinese superstition involves a full menu of items that allegedly bring good luck. If you need a little boost, eat rice, oysters, pineapples, egg rolls, or abalone meat. All of these foods are said to attract good luck and protect the diner from harm.

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Ossiana Tepfenhart
Ossiana Tepfenhart
Ossiana Tepfenhart is a food critic, writer, and at home culinary enthusiast!


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