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The Ranking: 10 Most Expensive Restaurants in The World

Tobias Kumwenda
Tobias Kumwenda
From passion to (aspiring) profession, this is what prompted me to enter this project: Travel and Hospitality Industry. The desire to work in contact with a world that has always intrigued and fascinated me.
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What are the world’s expensive restaurants, and how much do you pay for supper there? Many people are curious about the most expensive dining experiences available, deserving of genuine (millionaire) aficionados.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for a list of the most expensive restaurants. The list contains amazing locations with stories and star-studded meals from all over the world, including the east, America, and Europe.

This article compiles a list of the world’s most expensive restaurants by analyzing several web lists, both national and international.

The world’s most expensive restaurants: Here is the list:

1. Sublimotion

Average price: 1,650 euros per person

Where is it: Ibiza, Spain

The Sublimotion restaurant, located in the basement of the Hard Rock Café in Ibiza, contains only one 12-person table in a stark space. The restaurant, designed by chef Paco Roncero, combines a dining experience with a virtual reality trip.

In reality, the Sublimotion offers laser light displays, floating sweets, and video projections in addition to the dinner.

2. Masa

Average price: 530 euros

Where is it: New York

Masa is the most expensive restaurant in the United States, according to the American financial journal The Street. Several chefs, including Masa Takayama, the restaurant's manager and renowned oriental culinary legend, produce a variety of delectable sushi meals in front of diners.

5. Aragawa

Average price: 500 euros per person

Where is it: Tokyo

The world's most expensive steakhouse, which solely offers Kobe beef, is ranked fifth on the list of the world's most expensive eateries. Although Aragawa is located in the basement of a small office building, the bill (and cuisine) are both excellent

10. 10. Plaza Athénée

Average price: 395 euros (for tasting menu)

Where is it: Paris

The Plaza Athénée, built by Alain Ducasse and housed inside the Aténée Maison hotel, is ranked tenth among the world's most expensive restaurants. The items are picked up and delivered the same morning before being served to guests as part of the tasting menu (395 euros) and the lunch menu (210 euros).

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