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10 unbelievable coffee facts you surely didn’t know before

Read about 10 remarkable facts on the most popular beverage in the world.

There’s a blend of coffee made from animal feces

Kopi Luwak
Kopi luwak ( Civet Coffee)
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Farmers in some parts of Indonesia extract coffee beans in the most peculiar manner imaginable and then sell it for over $600 dollars a pound too. They feed the coffee-fruit to a weasel-resembling animal that is not able to digest the fruit’s seeds. The indigestible seeds are then excreted out by the animal and the farmers collect their droppings, take the seeds out, wash them and clean them dry. These seeds are the coffee beans!

65% of the world’s coffee is consumed by 3 countries

That’s right. America, France and Germany alone import more than half of the coffee produced in the whole world every year.

Who said coffee beans are actually beans?


Yes, coffee beans resemble beans a lot but the reality is that coffea plants produce seeded fruits and inside them are these fruit-pits that later become the ‘coffee beans’ after extraction and drying. Coffee beans, therefore, are actually seeds.

A tea-party propelled coffee into America

Boston Tea Party
“The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor”, lithograph depicting the 1773 Boston Tea Party
Source: Wikimedia Commons

It was 1773 when a secret American organization sank a whole shipment of English-brought tea into the depths of the Atlantic near Boston successfully promoting coffee as a national symbol of resistance to the colonialists. It formed the basis of modern American obsession with coffee.

Coffee is the new diesel

Just like bio-fuel from cow-dung helps produce natural gas, coffee grounds have also been experimented on successfully to turn them into usable eco-friendly fuel.

Coffee was banned for inciting intellectualism

Yes, you read that right. Coffee was banned during the 1700s and before for increasing brain activity and provoking too much intellectualism. Many regimes blamed it for the rebellious school of thoughts that were budding out in their countries. 

Coffee assures health and a long life

Coffee makes your body immune to chronic diseases like diabetes, mental diseases like Parkinson’s and improving your immunity against the developments of heart-diseases. It also regulates the sugar levels in your blood stream and helps blood flow in a normal pressure.


Decaf isn’t perfectly free of caffeine

Contrary to what many believe, decafs still has a great deal of caffeine content. To be exact, 2 to 12 mgs of caffeine are still present in a normal serving of decaf while a regular coffee cup contains 95 to 200 mgs of caffeine.

Clear skin

Many people have found coffee to be helpful in improving the blood circulation around the outer layers of their skin, improving detoxification and making it clear. The dead epithelial cells buried in the outer skin also get removed easily with coffee.

1 Calorie Coffee

A simple serving of black coffee has nothing but a single calorie. It is a great beverage to help you stay put on your calorie-control diet. Not only will it provide you the energy to go through your day, but will also make no significant dent on your daily calorie-intake.

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