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2020 current restaurant trends

The following list was researched and found on However, additional information about each 2020 restaurant trend required further research and personal input.

2020 restaurant trend #1

Eco-friendly packaging

There are several sources of eco-friendly products for restaurant owners to order the supplies that they need.


And Uline are just two of the eco-friendly product companies that restaurant owners can use. They provide products such as reusable bags, toilet paper, cups, plates, bowls, and to-go containers.

Eco-friendly products are sure to become an even more popular restaurant trend this year due to consumers becoming increasingly environmentally aware and concerned.

2020 current restaurant trends

2020 restaurant trend #2


This 2020 restaurant trend is probably one of my favorites because I am one of those crazy people that prefer food made fresh and from scratch instead of plucked from a freezer and reheated in the microwave.

When someone describes the food as being ”scratch-made” it is meant to mean that the proper ingredients were gathered, fresh, and combined to create the dish, in-house.

2020 current restaurant trends

2020 restaurant trend #3

Plant-based proteins

Plant-based proteins have already started becoming a pretty big deal in the food industry. They are making waves in grocery stores, restaurants, and even fast-food chains. However, their rapid rise to popularity will likely continue for quite a while.

2020 current restaurant trends

2020 restaurant trend #4

Healthy bowls

Healthy bowls are convenient and healthy options that are truly making a boom for hungry patrons and restaurant owners. If you want more in-depth and interesting information regarding the popularity of healthy bowls I suggest reading

2020 current restaurant trends

2020 restaurant trend #5

Creativity with catering

This restaurant trend will include businesses that offer catering. The change will be in the service packages that the caterers are willing to offer. The added services may include a coffee car, popcorn bar, and in some areas, caterers may offer CBD oil-infused food options.

2020 current restaurant trends

2020 restaurant trend #6

Delivery friendly menu items

Many restaurant owners have been using delivery services from the day their doors opened, and some have turned to delivery services to keep their doors open in these uncertain times. However, more restaurant owners may find that offering delivery is a wonderful and convenient addition to their business and an income booster!

2020 current restaurant trends

2020 restaurant trend #7

Revamped classic cocktails

Getting creative with your bar drinks is a great way to keep your patrons interested. Sometimes the best way to pique their interest is to put a new spin on a classic that is popular with your guests. Although, it is important to mention that this change may not impress everyone.

2020 current restaurant trends

2020 restaurant trend #8

Stress relievers (ingredients that promote relaxation)

Daily life keeps us so busy that we are often seeking some form of relaxation. Restaurant owners have caught on to this and decided to market it. You may start to notice more menus including ingredients with antioxidants, magnesium, or theanine that are all helpful for relaxation.

2020 current restaurant trends

2020 restaurant trend #9

Specialty burger blends

Another restaurant trend that I love! These burgers may be stuffed or blended with portabella mushrooms, macaroni, and cheese, tater tots, or even something a little crazier like broccoli florets.

2020 current restaurant trends

2020 restaurant trend #10

Unique beef and pork cuts This new restaurant trend was even new to me. I thought for sure that I had heard every cut of beef and pork until I found that there are some places that seem to offer odd cuisines including cow’s head and pork jowls. I think I’ll stick with bacon and steak, myself.

2020 current restaurant trends

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