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A Quick Look At The Culinary Forecast of 2019

Did you ever want to predict the future? Well, in the restaurant world, you kind of can. Every year, the National Restaurant Association performs a series of major studies to find out what is going in restaurants across the United States.

They use the data they get to discover new trends that will become mainstream in the next couple of years. Some trends are hits, others are misses. Either way, the new concepts they see popping up across the country give a very telling look into the world of culinary arts.

Wondering what you might start seeing in restaurants near you? Check out these top trends of 2019.

Cannabis in culinary
Photo by Margo Amala on Unsplash

Cannabis Going Culinary

Now that states and federal lawmakers are working to repeal the ban on cannabis, you can expect to see a new, edgy ingredient on the table.With over 77 percent of all chefs naming cannabis and CBD-infused foods as the top trend of the year, it’s pretty clear which trend was the clear winner this year.

The cannabis industry is booming and every industry is getting in on it. Restaurants are no exception to this rule. This trend is a perfect storm of edgy, healthy, and adventurous. It’s safe to say that this trend won’t be going up in smoke anytime soon.

Eco Friendly Food

Eco-Friendly Food

WIth all the discussions about climate change gripping the world, it’s not surprising that people are starting to look towards eco-friendly restaurants. Zero-waste restaurants that feature locally sourced, organic food are now hotter than ever before.

The concept of eating fine food made of scraps isn’t for everyone, but it’s still creating a serious stir. Will people take to this extreme concept? It’s hard to tell, but it’s definitely on the table.

Global Cuisine
Photo by Prince Photos from Pexels

Global Cuisine

Not too many years ago, global food was stigmatized as “weird.” People are a lot more adventurous now, and that has led to a serious boom in restaurants featuring exotic foods from far away places.

These days, people are on the hunt for the most exotic cuisine they can find. They want to taste the world, and the restaurant industry is listening. Expect to see amazing new flavors and serious fusion menus gain traction soon enough.

Local Restaurant

Hyper-Local Restaurants

The traditional way of getting restaurant ingredients is to order the food from a trusted bulk source. These days, people are leery of big farms and lax standards. They want to meet their meat and view their veggies.

Local restaurants are now focusing on making their food, brews, and ingredients on-site. When not on-site, the new trend is to hit local farms and provide information about sourcing. Either way, it’s a more enlightened way to get that local flavor going.

Fast Casual Dining

Chef-Designed Fast Casual Dining

Chipotle’s success seemed to open up the floodgates for a boom in fast casual fare. The thing is, “casual” is no longer as casual as it once was. People are clamoring for quality and foodie-friendly offerings.

The new improvement on fast casual food is to offer up a menu driven and designed by chefs. It’s fancy, but at the same time, it’s casual. Somehow.

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Ossiana Tepfenhart
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