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A&B Burgers Review

I recently went apple picking near Beverly, Massachusetts. After such a long day of trying to find Galas and marching about the orchard for three full hours, I decided it was time for lunch. There is always such a big debate on where to eat, we are all massive foodies, and all love strong drinks. However, none of us like the pub scene, which is always some of the first places to pop up on Google, so we have to debate where to go.

My fiance, friends, and I happened to come across A&B Burgers, which has a bar, but I would not consider it a pub scene. They do have some strong drinks, incredible burgers, and unique sides.

A&B Burgers : What to Expect When Entering

First off, let’s start by saying there are two doors, and I’m not sure it matters which one you go through. They never specified if it was a problem. The host was snarky in the best way ever, and I could have given him a hug if it wasn’t the season for COVID.

In the center of the room is a giant bar, and behind the bar is a window where you can watch them make and prepare your food. Each table is wooden, with a slightly unlevel surface, which I thought, added to its charm. The floors are wooden, and tables have been taken out to perform at half capacity.

You can take your mask off once you’re at the table, but if you need to use the restroom in the far back left corner, you will need to keep it on. Surrounding the outside walls are whimsical art pieces hanging. In between the first two pictures, on both sides of the walls, is a T.V. If you are observant enough, you will notice that the front wall is no wall at all. It is a garage-like door, with windows that roll upward and open.

The entire restaurant was open, light, and airy. The staff had a great vibe about them, and the whole place felt friendly, and like it was the right place to be after apple picking for so long.

What to Eat at A&B Burgers

If you go to a burger bar and don’t get some type of burger or sandwich, I may judge you slightly. However, I know how anxious it is to not know what to order. That is why I am telling you these are some of the must-haves when going to this burger bar. Though this is a great place to start, the restaurant does change its menu by seasons. So some of these items may be gone until the next year.

The Sweet and Salty

This burger is insanely well made, and you have to try it. There is no getting around that this burger has everything that makes a classic burger plus more. This is a nice and juicy piece of beef, which I recommend having medium-rare. On top of that sits some burrata cheese and arugula with slices of bacon. On the buns is a nice smear of fig jam that is utterly sweet but combined with the bacon’s saltiness, is utterly heavenly.

Maple Bourbon Burger

This burger was astonishing to taste, smell, and devour. It came with bourbon smoked patty and on top of that thinly sliced cheese, with maple bacon and lettuce. Stuffed inside the burger were some finely sliced pickled jalapenos to give it some acidity and heat to go with the maple’s sweetness. Every bite was pure bliss because it was so well made. My recommendation is to get the patty medium to well done. You don’t need the juicy flavors of the meat because it already comes drizzled with flavor.

Sweet Potato Fries

Something that I loved about this restaurant is that they had an entire separate frying area for allergies. I am highly allergic to peanuts, and they made sure nothing peanut related would come near my food. I appreciate this in service. My french fries were made from fresh sweet potatoes and fried perfectly hot. Every single fry was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. They used sriracha mayo as a dipping sauce, which was impeccable with the fry’s salty and sweet.

Visit their location: 206 Cabot St, Beverly, MA 01915

Check out their Instagram!

address206 Cabot Street, Beverly, Massachusetts 01915, United States
A&B Burgers

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What is your favorite unique burger? Do you have a favorite burger bar?

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