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All about Meat in Russia.

Where could I buy? How to cook? Where to eat?
Well, let’s get this sorted out. Beef and lamb, steaks and chops, frankfurters and sausages. Meat for a Russian person is the most important product and is an absolute must have for a picnic, feast or street party. Russia is known for its harsh climate, that is why people there mainly prefer to eat meat products which contain large number of calories. This explains wide range of meat dishes. Those recipes are different in every family and are similar in one large and multinational country.

Traditional markets in Russia.

The freshest products from the villages are sold on Russian markets. The prices there are usually cheaper than in shops and supermarkets. You can find absolutely different products on market shelves in different parts of this huge country. It is here that it is worth buying the freshest meat to go on nature. Specially at your request, the meat will be chopped and can be even marinated. But still, it is better to cook the marinade yourself, especially since its recipe is extremely simple. So where are the barbecue cooked in Russia?

Barbeque picnic.

The traditional weekend custom for every Russian family is necessarily accompanied by the cooking  of tasty and juicy meat on skewers  prepared  in marinade. As a rule, such picnics are arranged on the banks of a river or reservoir. And there is also a rule that only a man is engaged in cooking meat. The kebab itself is prepared well in time, and cooked over a coal flame. So the meat gets a special aftertaste and is saturated with smoke.

City holidays

Often, meat is cooked outdoors during various city events and festivals. In Russia, such a street delicacy is considered to be fast food. Usually take one serving – about 300 grams of barbecue per person. Do not be afraid, the meat that is used to cook the kebab is of excellent quality and also undergoes heat treatment, fried to a crisp on coals. With fresh vegetables and onion rings, this is a real delicacy, which is very handy after a long walk around the city.

It is also customary in Russia to hold barbecue festivals where several families compete in preparing the best dishes. Here, you can try various sausages, frankfurters, kebabs according to a unique homemade recipe, as well as chops and steaks, and in general everything that can be fried and grilled.

So, we learned a lot about cooking meat in Russia. Now you can yourself pack your bags to seek adventures in the  country where barbecue receives special  attention and respect during  holidays or any events.

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