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Are Food Delivery Services Making Cooking Obsolete?

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that food delivery could make cooking itself obsolete, but the question begs itself: with the accessibility and convenience of food delivery and takeout options, why would people want to cook for themselves? See, food delivery not only expedites the time it takes to get a meal on your table, it also cuts out the personal effort and skill that are necessary to home-cook a meal. And if you are only cooking for one person – yourself – the idea of cooking a single meal may be even more daunting because of the fact that you still have to go to the grocery store, buy the ingredients, and make the finished product, when it’s probably going to be difficult to buy the right proportions for just one person in the first place.

Long story short, cooking for yourself can sometimes be about as expensive as the price included in the home delivery of food. So, it makes sense that people choose delivery over trying to become an accomplished home chef. It’s a convenient alternative for those who don’t have confidence in their own abilities; moreover, it’s a great choice for those who have busy lifestyles and find the process of grocery shopping and cooking to be intense.

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There has been a rise in a new option, however, that seems to be a kind of happy medium between the two polar opposites of home-cooking and food delivery. This option is known by many company names, but they’re most simply referred to as meal-kit companies. These are companies that you can either subscribe to or try out that will actually send you a box (the kit) to your home that contains all the ingredients and proportions needed for a designated meal. And the best part is that you get it at a fixed price.

This is one of the great conveniences of the meal-kit option, because you don’t have to worry about spending too much money or time on buying all the right ingredients for a meal that’s supposed to be served for one. You set your preferences on the website from which you are buying your meal-kit(s), and the company organizes your meal-kit accordingly. Another great convenience is that you can usually get a good deal if you subscribe to have your kits delivered regularly.

So, can food delivery services make cooking obsolete? I’m beginning to think there’s a new solution to this problem – food delivery services that prompt you to cook the food. Meal-kit companies make the process easy, quick, convenient, and priced at an accessible cost. And who knows? Maybe they’ll actually create a newfound inspiration in consumers to want to cook for themselves. When the instructions and materials are laid out before you, cooking can actually be simple, exciting, and fun. So, don’t knock it until you try it. The next time you want to order pre-made food for delivery, consider trying out a meal-kit service.

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Hannah Wyatt
Hannah Wyatt
Hannah Wyatt is a freelance writer from Morgantown, WV. She writes poetry, academic papers, as well as online articles and web content.


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