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Australia. Sweets For Children’s Holiday


Tea time is coming soon, let’s get ready for this event so far visually.

Let’s look at some examples of Australian pastries and sweets for the festive table.

Elven bread (sweets)

This magical appetizer will not leave anyone indifferent, and its cooking  is simple: just cut the bread into triangles, spread with butter, and sprinkle with hundreds of thousands of colorful balls – jelly beans.

This is a great appetizer for any kids party. It’s easy to cook, just follow the instructions above.

Frog Cupcake

No, there are no frogs in this dessert, just outwardly the cupcake resembles a frog’s head. Such cupcakes are prepared from biscuit dough with cream and covered with fudge. At first they were only green, but over time, cupcakes of different colors appeared. These cupcakes have become a real symbol of South Australia: their images are placed on t-shirts, bags, phone cases. By the way, the “frog cupcake” is an officially registered trademark that protects the cake from fakes.

Anzac cookies

Sweet cookies with coconut and oatmeal owe their beginnings to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC), created during the First World War. The creators of the cookies are Australian and New Zealand housewives: they came up with a recipe for a universal dessert that could survive a long journey to the front. Anzac cookies are still being issued to soldiers on  Christmas.


Rectangular biscuit cookies coated with chocolate and dipped in coconut. Australian housewives liked it so greatly  that this dessert even has  its own holiday – “National Lamington Day.”

Today it is celebrated annually on July 21.

It was invented in a desperate situation. Queensland Governor Baron Lamington had unexpected guests whereas  his kitchen was empty,  even a cockroach could starve to death.  Luckily, yesterday’s and quite boring old biscuit just happened to be there  and chef  decided to “revive” it. He cut it in portions, dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in coconut flakes (as it turns out, it wasn’t so empty in the kitchen).


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