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Belgium Fries

When you think of Belgium you may automatically think of Belgium fries or if you’re like me, you may think of a unique old town in the middle of Europe that is small. I didn’t know what they were known for and I knew nothing about Belgium fries.

The first time I tried the most delicious fries on earth, there were about 30 people lining up to get something that smelled like grease heaven. Each person would go up and order, one by one taking away the best-looking fries I had ever seen in my entire life. Loaded up with condiments and smelling like everything I needed at that moment.

Belgium fries are perfectly cooked incredible snacks that are a must-try when you are in Brussels. There is no comparing these fries to your typical McDonalds fries. They have a completely different texture, taste, and the condiments are by far better than anything you could get in the United States. They are utterly mouth-watering.

Belgium Fries

 What Is Different About Belgium Fries?

When you think of a french fry you may think of a small cut thinly fried potato with extra salt and a lot of grease. Belgian fries are different and there are actually restaurants called “frituur” that only sell Belgian french fries. They can focus on this because it is a staple throughout Belgium.

Belgian french fries are different because they come thickly cut from potatoes called bintjes. They are soft, unlike the potatoes you can get from anywhere else. These potatoes get chopped up into long thick slices, fried, and then fried again.

You may be wondering how they are not dripping in grease. The first time they get fried is to cook them and make them tender. The second time is hours later to make them golden and give them the perfect crunch. They actually seem less greasy than the ones you could find at Wendy’s or McDonald’s.

How are Belgian Fries Served?

Belgian fries are served in either a paper cone that you can hang on to as you walk around or in a little paper bowl with a fork. After they are fried twice and put in a bowl you can ask for any of the condiments. My suggestion is to get everything on it.

The ketchup tastes slightly different, almost less sugary and has more tomato taste to it. The mayonnaise is creamy and not as fatty, and the onions are perfectly roasted before going on top of the french fries. Whatever the restaurant you’re in has to offer, try it all before being picky. This is one of the best street foods you could try while in Brussels.

Where to Get Belgium Fries in Brussels

•    Belgian Frites One of the first places I was able to get my first taste of fries in the country. They had tables that you could sit on by the stand. It was in the back of the grand palace and a leisurely stroll to get to. They serve several types of sandwiches and a lot of variations of the best fries you could ever find.

Rue de la Madeleine 1-3 Brussels, Belgium (+32) (0)2.428.49.46

•    Maison Antoine This is a great place to stop if you have the afternoon drunchies. They provide some of the crispiest fries in the local area. The best part is this place is surrounded by bars. You can pick up these fries to go and sit in a bar to grab some beer or cocktails!

Place Jourdan 1 1040 Bruxelles (Etterbeek)
Téléphone : +32 (0)2 230 54 56

Many places around Belgium offer a variety of Belgian fries, all you have to do is ask. These are the top two places that are easy to get to but have outside seating, as well as places close by to grab drinks and watch people. Belgian fries are a go-to option for a quick and filling bite to eat. I had about 8 servings while visiting Belgium and somehow still lost weight!

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