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Grabbing the Best Breakfast To Go In Portsmouth

This week is a bittersweet week for me; in two days, I would be flying across the world to try new foods in Vietnam. Next week I would be flying to Cambodia, and then I would be flying home. I would have been doing this all if our world had not collapsed over the last few months. Instead of wallowing in pity and sadness, I have decided to continue doing what I love—writing, and of course, eating.

Best Breakfast To Go In Portsmouth

I have made it my mission to try more local restaurants and support them in the only way that I currently can, by ordering from them, enjoying them, and showing my appreciation. Each morning I wake up and ruin my eggs, burn my bacon; in fact, I suck at cooking. One morning it hit me; I can order takeout for breakfast. Why have I never thought of that? Here are the best breakfast places to grab something to go, and have it be a phenomenal morning.

The Friendly Toast

Now, I am biased. I work down the street from them, and one morning I had it bad. I was so hungry I couldn’t function; my brain was coffee deprived. I thought there was absolutely no way I could cook anything at work, and there was no way I could be human without help. I called The Friendly Toast in a panic.

I asked for three eggs and eight pieces of bacon and some black coffee. That is all I desperately needed, and oh my, they blew my expectations out of the water.

The eggs were perfectly running; the bacon was incredibly crispy and not greasy, and the coffee was black and strong enough to wake me up. If you are in a pinch, call The Friendly Toast. They have a reputation and will make the best experience for anyone looking to take out.

For some fun pictures, check out their Instagram!

address113 Congress Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801
telephone(603) 430-2154

Google Reviews

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Yelp Reviews

[wp-review-yelp-business-reviews id=”the-friendly-toast-portsmouth” title=”The Friendly Toast” review_num=”3″]

Tuscan Market

You will need to be careful. If you are someone who eats breakfast anytime past 11 am, they do not carry breakfast at that time! You will have to order something before their breakfast menu disappears for the day. Personally, I have never run into this problem, but I know a few folks who have. There is one thing on this menu that you have to try above any other breakfast item. You need to try the Salmone Affumicato, also known as a cured salmon sandwich.

This breakfast sandwich comes with two eggs cooked your way, on top of rustic biali bread. In between it there is cured salmon, roasted onion, ricotta cheese, and capers. It smells strongly of salmon and onion, but each bite is crunchy with smoothness in the middle and the salmon’s saltiness. It is literally my favorite breakfast dish of all time, and I highly recommend it for anyone who has a bit of an extreme breakfast pallet.

You can check their website for the latest menus!

address14 Market Square Portsmouth, NH 03801

Google Reviews

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Yelp Reviews

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The Goods

This is in a really amazing location right behind the main parking garage in Portsmouth. You can call them for an easy phone order, or you can place your order online. Either way, it is easy and great if you are in a rush and in need of coffee. One unique breakfast item is their stuffed french toast. I absolutely adore this plate, and it is great to enjoy it before a long shift. It’s classic french toast, stuffed with cream cheese, berries, and a side of maple syrup. It is sweet, fruity, and will hit every sensation you need for breakfast. If you need something a bit more hardy, you can always add in an egg.

Check out their stinking cute Instagram page.

address29 Vaughan Mall, Portsmouth, NH 03801

Google Reviews

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Yelp Reviews

[wp-review-yelp-business-reviews id=”the-goods-market-and-cafe-portsmouth” title=”The Goods” review_num=”3″]

Maybe I will not have breakfast in Vietnam this week, but I will enjoy what the local restaurants have to offer. I am taking advantage of all of the places now offering takeout that never used to. In a way, this situation has let me experience a different side of Portsmouth. I am incredibly grateful for all of the people who continue to work and support the community.

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Kayla Eaton
Kayla Eaton
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