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Where to Get The Best Coffee in New England

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Admittedly, I love New England. Living here has helped me achieve some incredible goals that I would otherwise not have accomplished. However, what I miss about the west coast is a lovely dark, black coffee that was incredibly easy to find. I grew up in a town where black coffee with the norm, and moving to New England, I found the coffee scene to be … well…  a culture shock.

Where to Get The Best Coffee in New England

Every latte was made so sweetly, packed with sugar and syrups, I could barely taste the espresso. If you went through the local drive-through, they didn’t know what a drip meant. If you asked for a regular, it was a medium with two creams and two sugars, which I found repulsive. If you didn’t specify hot or cold, they would automatically give you cold.

Where to Get The Best Coffee in New England

I didn’t know what to do. New England was beautiful, unusual, but the coffee was utterly tragic. All I wanted was a well-brewed black cup of hot coffee. Most days, I still make it on my own because I need it my way or no way at all. Being a former barista, I can confidently say that I know exactly how I like my coffee and how it should taste.

So far, it’s a sad story, I know that. But don’t be discouraged after searching and trying one horrible coffee after the next. I have found three places that serve precisely what I need, and they are the only places to go if you are in New Hampshire and want a good black coffee with nothing in it.

Adelle’s Coffee House

Now, this one is popular. Anyone and everyone in Dover, New Hampshire, should know about this place because the coffee is bangin. Each pot is brewed perfectly, dark, rich, and the beans they have picked for each type of coffee is utterly breathtaking. I walk into the coffee shop, and for two seconds, I actually miss being a barista. Until I listen to someone’s order, then the barista fantasy is over.

My favorite cup of coffee from them is their fresh brewed hazelnut coffee. It has a smokey, earthy taste, and the nuttiness pairs perfectly with the beans. However, if you are not a coffee kinda person, that’s okay. They have a brilliant lavender latte you can get with your choice of milk. It is one of the only places that I have found with this latte flavor, and it is a must-try when you go to Adelle’s.

Check out their funny Instagram to keep up with the latest drinks.

address3 Hale St., Dover, NH 03820

Caffe Kilim

This little shop gives me such a Morocco vibe; it makes me miss traveling. This is not a Moroccan coffee shop; in fact, it is a Turkish coffee shop. It is a quaint shop located out of the town square, it is a short walk from the center of town. Probably a 6-minute walk if you are in desperate need and move quickly. This is a beyond cute coffee shop, loaded with muffins, treats, and of course, coffee.

They have a smaller variety of brewed drips that Adelle’s. However, everything they brew counts. If you walk into a Turkish coffee shop, I expect you to try a Turkish coffee at least once. The brew is strong, bold, and full of flavor. It is bittersweet, and no sugar is needed to enjoy this flavor. They do have other lattes, though I have to admit I mainly come for the Turkish coffee. It is bolder than anything you will find in your average coffee shop.

For the latest update follow them on Instagram.

address163 Islington St Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801, US
telephone+1 603-436-7330

If you are in town or in the local seacoast area, these are my highly recommended coffee shops to get a drip coffee. If you’re like me, a sweet latte just won’t cut it most days. Cut the sugar and get a drip from one of these delectable places; I promise you will not be disappointed.

What is your favorite type of coffee? Let me know what you drink daily!

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