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Best pre-workout foods.

Ready to kick start a workout routine and looking for just the perfect food that would aid in not only burning excess fat but also not add more in the process, then read on to see our compiled is of the best pre-workout foods.

Our list of foods all have the perfect balance of protein, carbs, and balance of fats which can fuel your body. Every workout routine starts from what you ingest into your system as it needs to stave off hunger, reduce fatigue and even aid muscle recovery.

With this factors being stated one could have the intuition that anything light would cut, but that isn’t entirely so what you take in needs to have the perfect balance of nutrient needed by your body throughout the entire workout.

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Bananas have the perfect yield for much-needed power to push your muscles during workout. Known as nature’s power bar it a no brainer that this fruit tops this list. Banana supports nerve and muscle function meaning you have reached or exceeded your limits and your muscles would recover fluidly.

It’s great to take banana before any workout session, especially extensive work out such as jugging or weights. And accompanied with its ease to consume structure, you have no difficulty having some before working trust me.

Fruits and yogurt
Fruits and yogurt. SOURCE: Pixabay

Fruits and yogurt.

Getting the best results from each exercise regime is best accomplished when you have the required consumption of carbohydrates and proteins and this combo food brings much of that to the table. This combo is great due to the fruit offering the much-needed fuel for your body and while the yogurt offers proteins for added muscle protection and repair, making somewhat of a perfect pair. This food also allows you to be as creative as need be by simply blending the fruit into the yogurt to form a smoothie, depending on your preference.

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Oats are naturally filled with fiber and Vitamin thereby resulting in a gradual release of carbohydrates when consumed and the conversion of carbs into energy. The importance of this singular factor cannot be overstated as the slow and consistent release of carbs, your body can consistent be given the much-needed energy required throughout the entirety of the workout session. Oats are perfect when looking to go all out during a workout, consistent injection of energy into muscles, and also easily prepared, oats can be seen as very good food to have before any workout.

These foods are great for workouts as stated but still question on what fits a particular training regime.

Generally people workout for a number of purposes, namely;

  • To lose weight.
  • To build muscle

Depending on your reason there is a food or combo of foods that can serve your purpose effectively.

Lose weight.

Weight Loss
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If the purpose of you working out is to shed a little weight then it’s ideal you focus on consuming foods. Working it to lose weight can be a little tricky as you need to consume enough food to fuel your body but not excess to supplement for calories that you are presently burning.

So a simple meal of fruits would be perfect an hour or more before starting your exercise.

To build muscle.

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Building muscle or in professional work terms, to bulk up requires you consume enough food for your muscles to develop. The amount of food required for bodybuilding is very reliant on the wanted results, such that if you want to build a hulk like physic, then you would need to consume much more than someone looking to have a nice trim would.

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