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Best Take Out Lunches in Portsmouth

Recently I have gone back to work a few days a week, and something that I struggled with before COVID was finding decent takeout. Some restaurants offered it seasonally, like during the winter months, when they were in the winter season, and it was slow. However, now almost all Portsmouth restaurants are letting people call in and order to go. I absolutely love it!

Best Take Out Lunches in Portsmouth

There are three places I would highly recommend calling for a good take out lunch that won’t be lacking. You will get everything you hoped for in a meal, and you will be able to enjoy it where ever makes you feel the most comfortable. Mine happen to be outside on a nearby bench during one of my 11-hour shifts.

Best Take Out Lunches in Portsmouth-Pocos Bow Street Cantina Portsmouth

One of my favorite dishes from this place is called Poco’s Taco Salad. Now, if you think of a small little salad, think again. You get everything and more with this taco salad. It comes in a shell, with rice, beans, salad, pico de gallo, cheese, guacamole, and sour cream. My favorite add-ons to this are some shrimp, which comes in a modest 3 ounces. Any form of diet restrictions can be made. I have called and asked for no rice, beans, or shell, and added extra shrimp. No matter how outrageous my order is, they excel my expectations every single time.

Check out their Instagram for the latest updates.

address37 Bow St, Portsmouth, NH 03801, United States
telephone+1 603-431-5967

STREET eat/drink 360

I cannot describe to you how much I love this eccentric restaurant. Sometimes after a very long shift, I will come here to guzzle an exceptionally made cocktail; other times, I will call and ask to pick up something. I have two recommendations, though, no matter what you get, it will all be heavenly.

If you love fish, an absolute must-try is the Cemita Burger with a fish patty. The fish is perfectly crusted and flaky on the inside. On the top of the fish patty is Mexican fried cheese that is perfectly melted across the entire patty. There is cilantro, pickled onion, and chipotle mayo in between the sesame seed bun. I love this restaurant because they are exceptional at keeping things clean, especially when you have a food allergy!

Curry fries are the second dish I highly recommend. These come as a side. But honestly, they are good enough to eat by themselves. There are days where I need to go in, grab a quick bite. This is the perfect go-to plate. It is also the perfect dish to take out. It is a giant pile of perfectly fried, crispy fries and a small bucket of curry ketchup. The entire basket is seasoned to perfection, slightly sweet and slightly spicy. If you haven’t yet tried these, you better call for an order!

Check out their Instagram!

address 801 Islington St, Portsmouth, NH 03801, United States
telephone+1 603-436-0860

Ohana Kitchen

If you like poke bowls, this is the perfect spot for you. I love this place because they will even deliver it to you if needed. This is a simple poke bowl that you can design whatever way you want. I prefer extra of the raw fish on my salads and drizzled in spicy sauces plus lime sauce. If you are unsure of what to get or how you want your bowl done, they have premade bowls to choose from. This can be perfect for anyone who is feeling a bit indecisive.

Give them a follow on Instagram for the latest updates.

address800 Islington Street, Plaza 800, Suite 7, Portsmouth, NH 03801, United States
telephone+1 603-319-8234

Most places in Portsmouth are adapting to this new lifestyle and trying to keep at half capacity. It is one of the lucky areas that didn’t get hit too hard with COVID, but still eager to protect the community. Simply and call the restaurant you are interested in finding out if they are delivering in your neighborhood. This is one of the best ways to support local businesses and keep your money local to boost the community’s economy.

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