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Beyran Soup: A Gaziantep Breakfast Specialty

Today we are in Gaziantep, Turkey

Gaziantep has a history of almost 6000 years . In Neolithic period (Polished Stone Age) began. This city be home to Hittite, Med, Persia, Assyrian, Roman, Byzantine, Arab and  today Turkish civilizations .

The fact that Gaziantep is located on an important caravan route which is also known as the Spice Road, other than the Silk Road  has led to the enrichment of Gaziantep cuisine.

One of the most prominent examples of Gaziantep gastronomic culture is the Antep Baklava. Local Pistachios ,  butter and flour varieties  used in the region  gives  this magnificant flavor to baklava.

Pistachio, known to have a history of 4000-5000 years, is the most beautiful pistachio variety in the world in terms of flavor, oil ratio and aroma.

Gaziantep cuisine is the only cuisine in the world that is mentioned by the name of the city and not by the name of its country.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has included Gaziantep in the “Creative Cities Network” in the field of gastronomy.

When you come to Gaziantep, if you wish you may begin your breakfast with Beyran Soup, a local lamb and rice soup.

Its preparation is very laborious, it takes hours .

Antep Beyran preparations start one day before. The most important material of Antep Beyran is  meat. The softness and cooking of the meat affects the flavor of the meat  . The meat used in making Beyran is obtained only from the arms and neck of the lamb.

Meat and  bones need to be cooked on low heat for 10-12 hours and the meat must be separated to fibre. Pilaf is placed in the pan which is with oily or oil-free . Pan is placed on the stove; broth, red and black pepper and garlic are added; is taken from the stove with nippers and served hot. Boiling Beyran soup is served  and must be used  copper pan.

This unique spicy soup,  is a breakfast speciality of Gaziantep.  You must wake up early to eat the soup in the morning. Because you may not find it later in the day.

Enjoy it.

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