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Bizarre foods in Nigeria

We live in an interesting world and with so many different people and cultures, we are sure to find bizarre foods in every country. If I was to mention what I would call the top 5 bizarre foods in Nigeria I would have to say  in order of how bizarre I think they are I would say:

Isi Ewu

Dog meat

Snake meat

Winged termites

Cow brain soup


Isi Ewu

Isi Ewu SOURCE: Wikimedia Commons

Let me explain. These dishes are not your ordinary dishes. Isi ewu is an Ibo delicacy that is made from the head of a goat. The brain, eyes and other parts of the head are considered delicious items for making sauces. The goats head could be served whole or may be chopped into smaller pieces. It doesn’t taste the way it sounds, it’s actually quite delicious.


Among the Calabar people in Nigeria, there is one delicacy that is sure to make any dog lover cringe and that is god meat. This particular meat is considered a delicacy and stews made with this type of meat are sold at a much higher price. This bizarre food is part of a normal diet in some other parts of Nigeria as well. The question is would you try some?


Fry snake meat in badagry market

Snake meat
SOURCE: Wikimedia Commons

I would never forget the day that I met a young man from Warri roasting a snake for lunch. This type of meat is considered a local delicacy in Warri, Delta State. While some people are scared of snakes, people who love this kind of meat hunt them and you can see snakes for sale in certain parts of  Nigeria. Certainly a bizarre but apparently delicious dish that tastes a lot like fish.


This is one dish that I completely believe is bizarre but several people swear by it. Winged termites which are seen after rain storms in Nigeria are caught and roasted with salt and eaten. It was a favourite of many older generation Nigerians but appears to be a dying trend in the younger generation in cities of Nigeria today.


In Nigeria, no part of a cow goes to waste. The intestines, skin, legs, tail and more are all eaten as part of various dishes. We have cow leg which is considered a delicacy meat served in the local soups, assorted meat stew which is composed of intestines and skin of cows but most bizarre is cow brain soup. This soup is traditionally called Kwanya. Surely one of the most bizarre foods you can come across in Nigeria.

As Nigeria is made up of different cultures, each food is unique to certain areas of the country. You are unlikely to find a bizarre food that is eaten by every tribe in Nigeria. I do believe though that if you pay a visit to nigeria from another country and taste the local food, you will encounter something you’re not used to. The question for you is are you bold enough to try any of these dishes?

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Morenike Okebu
Morenike Okebu
Morenike is married and has a beautiful baby girl. She loves food and enjoys eating out. She is easy going, positive and easy to work with.


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