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Chinese Cuisine


China is approximately the fourth largest country in the World, just slightly smaller than the USA, but has the largest population of anywhere at around 1.4 billion people.  That is roughly 1.1 billion more people than the US!  It is no wonder then that Chinese Cuisine is so diverse.

Traditionally the cuisine of China has been split into four distinct areas, North, East, South and West, although more recently it has expanded to eight, known as the Eight Great Traditions.  The style of cooking varies enormously across the country depending on the climate and the terrain, and, of course, the diverse range and supply of fresh ingredients. One constant that does not vary is the freshness of meats and vegetables that are used in perfect harmony.  In this introduction to Chinese Cuisine I will cover the four main regions.

Lu Cuisine (Shandong)

The northern of our four traditional regions is Peking (Beijing).  With mountains to the north and Inner Mongolia to the west the climate and landscape here is fairly bleak.  Spring and summer can be dry and dusty but winter is freezing cold!  The main crop is wheat, rather than rice, which is used to make noodles, pancakes and dumplings. 

peking duck 5695632 1920

Meat, in particular mutton, was introduced by the Mongols and tends to be plainly cooked with the addition of onions, leeks and garlic.  The most famous dish from this region is Peking Duck, with its fabulous crispy skin, is à throwback to the Imperial Court from Beijing and is more elegant than much of the cooking from the outlying areas of the region.

Su Cuisine (Jiangsu)

To the East on the plain formed by the delta of the River Yangtze lies the region of Shanghai. This area is one of the leading agricultural areas of China and produces rice, wheat, barley and an abundance of fresh vegetables. It is also known as the land of rice and fish, both of which feature heavily in the cuisine of the region.  Shanghai is the largest city in China and its cuisine is noted for the use of red-cooking with dark soy sauce and plenty of sugar producing dishes that are rich and sweet with exquisite flavours.

The Yangtze has a heavy influence on the area with the land being well irrigated and countless streams and small lakes ideal for ducks, fish, frogs and eels.  Traditional dishes will include whole fish steamed in Lotus leaves, which also grow well in the small lakes.  Eastern China is also known  for “paper-wrapped” dishes such as chicken or prawns flavoured with ginger or mushrooms.


To the South is the province of Canton, a mild, semi-tropical climate growing an enormous amount of fruit, vegetables and rice all year round.  There is plenty of feed available for livestock so good quality chicken and meat are in plentiful supply.  To the south of the region the South China Sea provides excellent fishing for a huge variety of fish and seafood. It is probably seafood that plays the major part in Cantonese cooking.  There is an abundance of prawns, lobster and crab which are often stir fried with ginger and onion.

But seafood flavours are often found in meat dishes through the use of oyster sauce or shrimp paste.  Beef with oyster sauce is a favourite.  For centuries the Cantonese have been known for their cuisine and it is probably the most recognisable Chinese cuisine in the Western Hemisphere.  The Cantonese use delicate cooking methods, poaching or steaming, in order to preserve the flavour and quality of their ingredients.  Steamed scallops in black bean sauce sounds heavenly!  They have also developed a cooking method called Cha Siu – literally barbecue roasting.  It involves marinating meat, often pork, for a time and then cooking it quickly in a very hot oven. 


To the West the largest province in China lies in a great basin surrounded by mountains. The scenery here is spectacular with massive gorges cut by the mighty Yangtze river.  In the past the only means of communication with the outside world was via the Yangtze.  The climate is warm and humid and crops can be grown almost all year – fruit and vegetables, mushrooms and spices, particularly chilis and the famous Szechuan pepper. 

As you might expect the food from this region is known for being strongly flavoured and full of hot spices along with garlic and onions.  It can also include the aromatic nutty flavours of peanut, cashew, sesame and pine nuts.  The region is also noted for its food preservation techniques like salting, smoking, drying and pickling. 



What is the most popular oil in nature? That is a simple question with an apparent answer. Olive oil has been the focus of interest both locally and globally for centuries, thanks to its adaptability in a variety of recipes and nutritional worth.

A golden commodity from the Mediterranean region is now utilized all over the world, thanks to clever marketing that helped to promote its possibilities. Many huge corporations, such as Texas Hill Country Olive Company, funded extensive research and skillfully promoted their products to both consumers and nutritionists.

This liquid is generally obtained by crushing the most organic olives with extreme accuracy using chemical or mechanical methods, and it comes in a variety of forms and by-products. A wide range of products are available.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

What makes this particular oil so special? is the real question now. What is the source of its widespread acclaim?

Let this post enlighten all of its readers about the specialty of Texas olive oil in response to all of the overwhelming questions.

It is a source of monounsaturated fats and is a healthy Texas olive oil for the body: Because it is high in antioxidants, it protects the body from cellular damage, which can lead to a variety of health problems and diseases. According to experts, monounsaturated fatty acids, the healthiest fat, predominate in olive oil (MUFAs).

As a result, for anyone looking to start a healthy diet, Texas olive oil is the greatest option because it is high in healthy monounsaturated fatty acids that can help battle heart disease, high blood sugar, and bad cholesterol. It also contains more MUFAs than sunflower, sesame, coconut, or corn oil, which is a unique feature.

Furthermore, because to its creation of beneficial cholesterol and proteins, nature’s favorite oil has the ability to remove any form of pollutants from the bloodstream. This is also extremely advantageous to the cardiovascular system, maintaining a healthy heart in particular.

According to a 2018 study, persons who ate olive oil had a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease than those who ate a low-fat diet. They aid in the reduction of bad cholesterol because they are incredibly healthful and high in MUFAs.

Furthermore, they contain powerful antioxidants that are biologically active and may help to minimize the risk of chronic diseases. They also have anti-inflammatory qualities, which fight inflammation and protect blood cholesterol from oxidation, two significant benefits that enhance heart health and distinguish this oil.

Excellent for digestion: Follow this kind advice and consume Texas olive oil if you have frequent digestive issues. Excessive nutrition stimulates the digestive system and makes it easier for food to transit through the colon.

Image by Mareefe from Pixabay

Moisturizer for the Skin

This blessing in disguise’s uniqueness doesn’t end there. It is the best moisturizer for everyone who wants soft, smooth skin. It helps regenerate dull, withered skin by restoring its shine and beauty, thanks to the antioxidants, vitamin E, minerals, and beneficial fats it contains. In addition, skin disorders such as irritation, acne, and dryness are no longer a problem because to the vitamin E it contains.

Firming and lifting: What more could a person want than skin that looks as young and fresh as it did when they were younger? Olive oil, which is rich in firming and lifting characteristics, is excellent for minimizing wrinkles and keeping a person looking young and fresh for a long time. To get smooth, wrinkle-free skin, try mixing this great product with other components like lemon juice, honey, or even coconut oil.

Conditioner for the Hair

When it comes to hair, skip the conditioners and hair treatments when you have such a flexible product on hand. It not only softens the skin, but it also smoothes dry, frizzy, and dull hair excellently. This oil’s hair smoothing and strengthening characteristics are what make it so unique and popular among clients, particularly among women.

It’s also high in vitamin E, which softens and strengthens the brittle, lifeless locks. Dandruff is reduced. This golden liquid is well-known for effectively curing dandruff. The moisture in it moisturizes the scalp, which lowers scalp inflammation and consequently dandruff.

In the Kitchen: Texas Olive Oil

The nicest thing about Texas olive oil is that it can be used in a variety of situations. On the one hand, it has numerous health benefits; on the other hand, it is incredibly handy in the cooking. It can be eaten raw or fried, and it can be used for a variety of purposes.

Extra virgin olive oil is the best option here, especially for frying, because it maintains its quality at high temperatures. The delicate notes of the oil will pervade the items prepared in this manner. Plus, there’s more. The high antioxidant content may help to limit the amount of hazardous chemicals released while cooking.

When it comes to using it raw, it goes great with salad dressings, vegetables, pasta, bean meals, and grilled seafood. A smidgeon of drizzle adds lustre and a great richness to the dish. It can also be used to improve and provide a unique flavor to desserts, pasta, and sauces.

Gift of Texas Olive Oil

Texas olive oil fits into every shoe, whether it’s a mother’s day present or a corporate gift. Surprise all those mothers who enjoy being pampered with this one-of-a-kind olive oil spa gift from Texas Hill Country Olive Company. It qualifies as the ideal adult gift due to its extensive skincare benefits.

Apart from that, Texas olive oil is available to managers who want to provide their clients end-of-year gifts. Mostly because it’s quite helpful, which ensures that the present will be used. Second, it demonstrates social class and culture.

Cooking with high-quality oil enhances the appearance of food without requiring any more effort or processes! Gifts should be one-of-a-kind and stand out from the crowd, and this one stands out from the ordinary appreciation certificates.

Final Thoughts

Texas Hill Country Olive Company’s olive oil is a game-changer. Use it for anything and it will work miracles. Its adaptability is astounding. This is what distinguishes this oil as unusual, unique, and well-known.

Pickled Chicken feet with lemongrass delicious dishes you’ll love

Pickled Chicken feet with lemongrass delicious dishes you'll love
Raw Chicken paws feets on butcher chopping board with knife. Dark wooden background. Top view. Copy space.

Chicken feet soaked with lemongrass, crunchy, sweet and sour, full of stimulation, are delicious dishes indispensable in gatherings of friends and relatives.

Chicken feet are a familiar ingredient for housewives. Chicken feet, we can make many delicious dishes, but if we have to choose which dish is most suitable for summer, it is lemongrass chicken feet.

The method is quite simple, quick and delicious with delicious results, it is not difficult to understand why lemongrass chicken feet are a favorite snack and drink for many people.

Lemongrass chicken feet when eaten can be dipped with salt and pepper squeezed with kumquats for dipping, served with herbs or pickled dishes, very suitable and delicious.

Pickled chicken feet are a popular way to consume chicken feet. It’s both a meal and a snack. It’s easy to make and delightful to eat.

This delectable recipe is not only a snack for one’s own drama, but also for the spouse who wants a late-night nibble and a drink in the heat. A good snack brings family unity.

Consider serving a bottle of wine alongside a dish of delectable chicken feet for supper.

It’s known for its spicy, sour, refreshing flavor, rough peel, and meaty aroma. It is not only elegant but also popular among the general public. Appetizing, generating bodily fluid, and boosting blood circulation are all effects of this delicacy.

Ms. Thanh Thao Le share on tips for making delicious chicken feet:

Chicken feet should not be cooked for too long. To make chicken feet more appealing and refreshing, we may add sweet and sour sauce or pickled pepper water. To minimize deterioration during the pickling process, the vessel for soaking chicken feet must be devoid of water and oil.”


We can preserve it for around 20 days if we keep it in a sealed container and put it in the refrigerator. It may be kept at room temperature for about 5-6 days in the winter. If we want to keep it for a longer period of time, we should salt the sauce more. Please bear in mind that it must be kept with the sauce. However, we recommend eating it within 1-2 days.

After 24 hours, we believe the optimal time to eat is. The chicken feet have absorbed enough sauce after 24 hours.

Nutritional and nutritional information for chicken foot

Chicken feet have no muscles and are formed up of bones, skin, and tendons. They provide several health advantages for your diet since they are high in calcium, protein, and cartilage, all of which are easily absorbed by the body.

These nutrients are required for proper joint mobility as well as the reduction of joint discomfort and arthritis. Collagen is abundant in the foot, which is considered to promote a healthy, clean complexion. The high calcium content of the foot helps to prevent brittle nails and bones.

Pickled chicken feet are low in calories, carbs, and sugar, and they include a range of vitamins and minerals that are important for a healthy diet.

Lemongrass chicken feet when eaten can be dipped with salt and pepper squeezed with kumquats for dipping, served with herbs or pickled dishes, very suitable and delicious.



The Lone Star State is more than wide plains, bending oil derricks, and enormous herds of cattle grazing beneath the scorching sun of the south. It also serves as a crossroads for science, music, art, and food. Houston, as the United States’ fourth-largest city, has a plethora of unusual and, at times, rather stunning and fantastic places to dine and drink.

Let’s take a look at some of the “Space City’s” greatest restaurants and see what they have to offer.

The Houston Meat

The rib-eye steak is one of the most well-known forms of steak in the world. Ribeye steaks are cut from the upper rib cage area, especially towards the neck, where the meat is lightly handled and has great fat marbling. When the fat marbling in the steak is cooked, it melts and renders into the meat, giving it a more meaty flavour and a juicy, moist, and soft texture.

Texas produces the most meat in the United States, so it’s no surprise that steakhouses can be found nearly everywhere! Locals may have their favourite, but Pappas Bros Steakhouse is the place to go if you’re new to town and want to eat the best steak in Houston.

What Makes This Location So Unique?

The quantities are enormous, and everything from lamb chops to turtle soup and live Maine lobster is magnificent and delectable. The wine list is likewise impressive, but we’re here for the steak, which is well worth the price.

To your liking, sweet, tender, medium-rare, or savagely roasted The Bone-In Prime Ribeye is wonderful! You get to select a chunk of the best Texan beef for yourself. The team will meticulously cook and serve your steak! To obtain that delicious and true sensation of the Old Frontier, order mashed potatoes and a bottle of red.



It’s a traditional Neapolitan pizza with a fascinating backstory. It is thought to be the first pizza with cheese. In 1889, Chef Rafaelle Esposito created it for Queen Margherita. He used fresh basil, mozzarella cheese, and tomatoes on this pizza, which he meticulously selected to match the colors of the Italian flag.

Cuisine by Arturo Boada

Take your loved one to Arturo Boada Cuisine in West Houston if you prefer a less sophisticated setting with a special romantic appeal. If you dare to travel this far, this modest Italian chef-owned restaurant has everything you need and much, much more.

Pizza and spaghetti have long been Italian staples, but Chef Boada, like any reputable chef, puts his unique stamp on what appears to be a mundane meal. The substantial Fettuccine and Shrimp with a large dollop of creamy cilantro pesto sauce is delicious.

The distinctive oven-made Margherita pizza, simply dubbed “Why Not,” is also a treat. The tapas menu will appeal to those looking for a lighter bite, and the beef is always on the grill, as it is everywhere in Houston. Don’t leave until you’ve had a taste of Boada’s creme brûlée. You’ll be grateful to me later.

Oysters from the Gulf of Mexico and Lewis Carroll

One of the most delectable seafood meals is oysters. Oysters can be smoked, boiled, steamed, pan-fried, grilled, or baked in a variety of ways. An oyster’s distinct flavor, which might be salty, sweet, buttery, coppery, brackish, or melon, is mostly determined by where it was caught.

Every modern restaurant in Houston appears to be attempting to outdo its competitors by combining many popular types of food while generating a distinct ambience. Brennan’s of Houston in Midtown, on the other hand, executes it better than the rest. Where else can you dine on the finest Creole and Southern seafood delicacies in a Victorian-era hall?

All of the seafood comes directly from the Gulf of Mexico, ensuring that it is as fresh as possible. You’ll shed happy tears over the fried soft-shell crab served with sautéed English peas and corn risotto at this restaurant. In terms of the Creole section of the menu,

Fried frog legs, turtle soup au sherry, fried green tomato ravigote, and wood-grilled oysters are all Louisiana classics. Every meal has its own distinct flavor profile, and the staff will gladly assist you in making your selection; just don’t be afraid to ask. If you’re not in the mood to try something new, there’s also grilled pork and lamb chops on the menu.

The Brennan’s is known for hosting special events from time to time, the most notable of which being the “Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea.” You are welcome to sample a range of teas and pastries inspired by Carroll, but don’t forget your hat.

There are many more highly rated restaurants in Houston, and we haven’t even begun to touch the surface! African and Mediterranean cuisines, Japanese and Polish cuisines, Argentinean and Indian cuisines… but always with a Southern flavor! Now get there, try everything you can, and let your palate make the final decision.

Opopop, Creator of Flavor Wrapped™ Popcorn Kernels,Debuts Peel + Pour Popcorn Cups


A snack-sized portion of popcorn, wrapped in an innovative package, perfect for snackers

DENVER, Colo. – Jan. 19, 2022 –  Opopop, the beloved popcorn brand best known for their Flavor Wrapped™ Popcorn Kernels, today announced their latest innovative product offering, Peel + Pour Popcorn Cups. An interactive combo of raw Opopop kernels, paired with a mouthwatering flavor core, Peel + Pour Popcorn Cups are easy to make quick batches in Opopop’s reusable silicone microwave popping bowl. Opopop’s Peel + Pour Popcorn Cups are now available for purchase online in four exclusive flavors: Salty Caramel, Like Buddahh, Vanilla Vanilla, and Lightly Salted. 

Opopop launched in June 2021 with their proprietary popcorn flavor-delivery technique, Flavor Wrapped™ Popcorn Kernels. Since its inception, Opopop has shipped popcorn to over 30,000 homes around the United States, expanded its retail footprint to include Foxtrot Markets, Nordstrom, and, and experienced 500% revenue growth between October through December 2021.

“Here at Opopop, we are on a mission to reinvent America’s favorite snack. By combining unexpected flavor profiles with new ways to pop, we are creating a popcorn revolution,” said Sarah McDowell, president of Opopop. “Pop Cups were born to make snacking more interactive, delicious and desirable, and we believe we have done just that. After a rewarding first year, and 100,000 lbs of handmade popcorn later, we’re ecstatic to start 2022 with the launch of our Peel + Pour Popcorn Cups on National Popcorn Day.” 

What’s more, Opopop has reissued their beloved holiday flavor, Salty Caramel, for their Pop Cups. Each Peel + Pour Popcorn Cup is 40g of popcorn, which is about 5 cups popped, making it the perfect snack-sized portion. All pop cups are easy to use, mess free, recyclable, and microwave-ready.

Additional details on the flavor profiles include:

  • Like Buddahh – Stream worthy butter flavored deliciousness. 
  • Vanilla Vanilla – Double the vanilla flavored goodness.
  • Salty Caramel – A bunch of caramel flavored crunch. 
  • Lightly Salted – It might be simple, but it’s far from basic.

Peel + Pour Popcorn Cups can be purchased online at for National Popcorn Day at the introductory price of $19.99 per 4-pack (12 pop cups), or $29.99 for a Discovery Kit, which includes a 4-pack and an Opopop Popper. 

To learn more about Opopop’s Peel + Pour Popcorn Cups and stay up to date with new product launches and brand news, visit and follow Opopop on Instagram at @opopopco.


About OpopopOpopop is an innovative gourmet popcorn brand on a mission to completely redefine what consumers should expect from popcorn. Opopop is the inventor and manufacturer of Flavor Wrapped™ Popcorn Kernels and Peel + Pour Popcorn Cups. Consumers can purchase Opopop’s flavors in a variety of delicious popcorn packs, including the beloved Discovery Kit. Opopop products are made for a new generation of popcorn lovers. For more information, visit and follow us on social media @opopopco.

No, Chipotle, I’m Not Ordering Off Your App

No, Chipotle, I’m Not Ordering Off Your App
Photographer: David Sundberg / Esto

Chipotle is one of my most favorite fast casual restaurants of all time. Mainly, I love their guacamole and salsas. I even go to them to get guac whenever I make tacos at home. Lately, the pandemic has gotten bad in New Jersey again, which means that some restaurants are working with more social distancing, 

I went into Chipotle and found about ~20 people, give or take, masked and unmasked, waiting for their food. As I got up to the counter, I read the sign: WE ARE DIGITAL ONLY! ORDER OFF OUR APP. 

No, Chipotle, I’m Not Ordering Off Your App

Why I Hate Chipotle’s App

I went to Grubhub, and it wasn’t taking orders for this particular branch. I got fed up and left. Sorry, Chipotle, but this is complete and utter bullshit. Trying to force people to download an app so they can order your food is a great way to alienate your clients. Here’s why:

  • Some people don’t have smart phones. 
  • Others (like me) have very limited space on their phone that should not be given to apps they might use once a month.
  • Your app doesn’t prevent the spread of COVID-19, since you had people waiting for their food without their masks inside the restaurant.
  • Your app is stupid.

There, I said it. It’s a stupid app. And preventing orders from Grubhub is just kind of being low about it. A good rule of thumb for restaurant management is that you shouldn’t turn down orders when people are waving money in your face.

Not The Only Fast Food Place Trying This

Chipotle is not the only fast food place (erm, “fast casual” place) to have an app. Taco Bell and McDonald’s both have apps where you can order food and pick it up. McDonald’s also occasionally features their swag on their app. 

The difference, of course, is that Taco Bell and McDonald’s don’t try to shove peoples’ throats and bar them from buying without using the app. Moreover, they don’t force people to use it. Shocker—these chains still have my business in one form or another. 

Chipotle? Not so much. Sorry, your guac is good, but not that good.

Photographer: David Sundberg / Esto

Food Drink Magazine January 2022

Food drink Magazine January2022

Food Drink Magazine January 2022

Happy 2022 to you all food lovers around the world.

Yes, we finally started to a fresh new year and I am so happy to have you all in our very first issue of 2022.

As we discussed in our December issue, the 2021 was a very difficult year for all of us. However, the new year is starting with loads of happy, healthy, and hopeful decisions for us in every aspect of life.

Maybe some of us are thinking to convert to vegetarian/vegan diet, others are thinking to loose some weight as we traditionally gain during the holiday seasons, or some of us just want to change their life style. Let me tell you something, January issue covers all the topics and will guide you to start for a healthy way of living. 

There are so many ways of loosing weight, so many foods categorized as healthy, and so many way of exercising to keep you moving. But which one is the best for you, for your life style, and for your needs? I believe that all starts with knowing yourself. Then you can tailor them to your needs and your life.

Hope you will enjoy with this issue as much as I do and find it interesting and helpful for your goal.   


You can reach our Digital Magazine at and–Beverage/All-Issues.

Explore Culinary Paradise At Da Lat Night Market

Explore Culinary Paradise At Da Lat Night Market

Da Lat is that the capital city of Lam Dong province, located on Lam Vien plateau, within the Central Highlands region of Vietnam. With an altitude of 1,500 meters above water level and surrounded by mountain ranges and forest flora, Da Lat inherits temperate climates all year round.

Explore Culinary Paradise At Da Lat Night Market

Da Lat – town of Eternal Spring could also be an ideal tourist destination of domestic and foreign tourists, and Lat cookery is not any small part to form the charm of Da Lat. This land is that the convergence of the assorted residents from the North-south central region South coming here to measure so have created unique culinary diversity with many dishes both familiar and novel. Therefore Da Lat cuisine owns a singular blend among the cuisine of the regions within the country. From there the food of Đà Lạt has become more diverse.

Dalat is additionally a stunning city despite space and time. If Dalat at the day brought the dreamy good thing about the town of thousands of flowers, at the hours of darkness Da Lat would become shimmering, fanciful, and stuffed with life. Immerse yourself within the cool atmosphere of the highland city within the dark, walk to Dalat night market to figure out the bustle and bustle of an honest market creating a singular culture for this place.

Bustling night market, attracting many tourists to travel, this place is often one of all the favorite tourist destinations in Dalat. Tourists come here to buy souvenirs, clothing, or to sample the wonderful and inexpensive foods that have earned Dalat cuisine its renown, such as grilled paper, grilled skewers, soya milk, and flour cake.

Warm water foods, such as crab vermicelli and noodles, noodles, noodles: Da Lat’s environment at night is due to the fresh, chilly air, therefore the first of the dishes in Da Lat is are all warm dishes and taste slightly pale, spicy. If the stomach is rumbling and attempting to seek out a dish to make the evening.

Some extremely attractive dishes in Da Lat.

Grilled paper at Dalat night market

Crispy crackers melt within the mouth, combining barely little of the fleshy of the egg, the aroma of the meat, the pungency of dried beef then the aroma of dried scallions. All created a taste that’s truly unforgettable for people that have visited the Dalat night market.

Noodles, vermicelli in Da Lat night market

The weather in Da Lat became cooler and clearer at the hours of darkness. that the dishes are all hot, slightly spicy. When walking around Dalat market, if your stomach is ravenous and you’d like better to seek out something sure, don’t miss the soup, noodles and vermicelli.

The broth here includes an awfully unique sweetness, the fragrant noodles of onion within the cold space will make it hard to resist.

Grilled meat skewers at Da Lat night market

With magical scent dispersed around the neighborhood, each row of skewers barbeque leads guests. The barbecue at the night market is incredibly diverse, crammed with pork, beef, chicken, until the chicken wings, chicken feet, young ribs, beef leaves guise, beef balls … within the cool weather, holding some skewers of meat to taste Just chatting with friends is nothing better.

Soy milk at Da Lat night market

After you’ve finished with the savory meals, indulge in these Dalat-flavored sweets. Walking around the market you’ll be able to find hot condiment shops everywhere. Perhaps due to the weather here, hot soy milk has become a holy drink.

Seven-color tube cake at Da Lat night market

Just hearing the name alone couldn’t resist this beautiful cake. Glutinous rice, green beans, shredded coconut, and colorful pineapple leaves make up the cake. The cake is rolled into tubes and wrapped in thin, thin paper. Bringing yourself an attention-grabbing appearance with the aromatic fatty aroma of seven-color tube can be a noteworthy dish you wish to not miss during the night of the market.

Dubbed because the land of affection, the romantic land with many of the foremost beautiful scenery in Vietnam. Besides the sad traits unique to the highland city is that the mountain town life within the dark. Dalat Night Market continues to be vibrant, bustling in its own way with a culinary array that’s hard to resist for all visitors coming here. Please try once to Da Lat night market. only 1 time to miss one another for all times.

So Many Recipes, So Little Time

So Many Recipes, So Little Time

When the pandemic swept the world, life changed for everyone in one way or another. Seeing as everyone found themselves home all of a sudden, it’s no surprise that it didn’t take long for people to decide it’s time to head to the kitchen and sharpen up those cooking skills. With fun videos and endless social media posts boasting of the “BEST WAY TO MAKE” one’s favorite dish, it’s easy to decide which one really is the best.  A simple search for any “easy, quick, simple” dish will garnish hundreds of recipes, both written and videos, all with unique twists and varying ingredients. With all the options, it can begin to get a bit overwhelming where to even start.

First and foremost, you need to choose the platform in which to find the recipe. Between cracking open great- granny’s book to watching an entire meal be made in 30 seconds flat while scrolling through social media, there is a multitude of waves to find the recipe that works just for you. When looking, make sure there is enough information in terms of cooking temperatures, pan sizes, cooking methods, etc. This information is needed so one can aptly prepare and not run into a preheating hold up or overcrowding in a pan. Just because it looked easy online doesn’t mean it’s that easy in person. With that in mind, one must also be honest on their skillset, and quite honestly, time to devote.

So Many Recipes, So Little Time

You’ll often hear the phrase “low and slow” when cooking. That’s to say, the longer you let something sit and really absorb flavor (think marinades, soups, roasting, etc.) the better it will taste. It’s not expected that everyone has 7 hours to dedicate to brining the best turkey in the world for a regular Tuesday night dinner. When choosing a recipe, it’s important to know how much time you have to dedicate so you can adjust the steps if need be. Think family potluck dishes: a simple bread pudding is delicious and sure to be a crowd pleaser.

While you can throw one together last minute with oven dried bread from your cupboard and a quick toss in eggs, cream, butter and sugar, or you can plan it out a day in advance and pick up some artisan sweet breads from your grocery store and give them time to air dry, then leave the assembled bread pudding in the fridge overnight to really soak in the cinnamon and vanilla egg yolk goodness. The difference is in the time, so be honest with yourself in your level of dedication when perusing. Once you know what you’re in for, it’s time to look at the ingredient portion of the recipe.

Another important thing when picking a recipe is to make sure you are not visiting a specific product’s website. That recipe isn’t trying to provide you with quality food—it is trying to get you to go purchase their product, taste be damned.

I learned this lesson the hard way when I was trying my hand at Japanese Milk Bread and produced one of the blandest batches of bread ever after a brand advertised a recipe using their products to “cut back on ingredients and keep the flavor!” This could have been avoided by simply checking the name of the website and reading a few different recipes to see if others have suggested using that product as well. But beware, even some personally submitted recipes are sponsored by certain brands and products, so beware of the underhanded advertisements!

So Many Recipes, So Little Time

Some recipes to have the shortcut or easy way out, but bear in mind that some tried and true recipes are what they are: you cannot cut corners if you want quality. Without certain techniques or ingredients, you aren’t actually making the dish. For example, when looking for a hummus recipe, it must contain tahini or else it’s not a traditional hummus. Or if a recipe is claiming their “easy consommé recipe” doesn’t involve the tedious work of creating and, let’s be honest, stressing over the egg white raft, ditch it. Rest assured, though, that cooking isn’t always a strict, no nonsense task. Just as important as it is to know the rules, you also need to know when you can change them.

Some people prefer to stick to the rules and not stray, and that’s ok! In that case, these people need to find a detailed, thorough recipe that doesn’t lend room for mistakes. This recipe should also explain why things are the way they are so someone can make an educated decision. Like when marinating, 24 hours is great, but 3 hours is better than nothing, so just because you don’t have time doesn’t mean that recipe is automatically out. On the other side of the spectrum are those who love to find customizable and easy to manipulate recipes. Personally, I prefer to use recipes as guides, so one that doesn’t provide me with any room for creativity is probably a recipe I will skip. Either way, the perfect recipe is the one that makes a delicious meal!

The average person spends an hour preparing and making themselves food every day. It’s up to you whether you Sometimes that means doing a bit of research and recipe shopping before diving in. Watch videos, read blogs, and ask friends for their family’s way of making something. You may be surprised to learn that you haven’t even learned the best way to make your favorite dish yet!

Daysmith Coffee+ Launches Line of Vitamin-Infused, Plant-Based Lattes and Cold Brews to Support Your Health and Power Your Day


Daysmith reimagines ready-to-drink coffee with line of delicious low-sugar coffees with wellness benefits; available nationwide and in select Austin retail stores

Available now, Daysmith Coffee+ is an Austin-based brand of plant-powered ready-to-drink coffees with functional wellness benefits. Daysmith is making health-minded coffee drinkers’ dreams come true with the launch of the first vitamin-infused, low-sugar coffees that are both delicious and nutritious. Designed to provide balanced energy, focus, and immunity support, Daysmith’s ultra-smooth coffees and creamy oat milk lattes are enhanced with unique vitamin blends to support your health and power your day.

Daysmith’s plant-based lattes and cold brews are the easiest and most delicious way to get your caffeine and vitamins, leveling up your daily routine in both flavor and function. All varieties are dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, nut-free, and plant-based. Daysmith’s supremely delicious coffees offer indulgent taste without the guilt, with only 15-70 calories and 0-5g of sugar per can.

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Daysmith comes in three delicious guilt-free flavors, including: 

  • Focus Vanilla Oat Milk Latte: Creamy vanilla with a silky smooth finish | 60 calories, 5g of sugar | Infused with B Vitamins, Omega 3, and L-Theanine 
  • Immunity Mocha Oat Milk Latte: Rich and velvety mocha | 70 calories, 5g of sugar | Infused with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc
  • Multi Straight Black Coffee Brew: Bold, balanced, and ultra-smooth | 15 calories, 0g of sugar | Infused with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and B Vitamins

“We started Daysmith with one goal: to reimagine the category and bring ready-to-drink coffee to the 21st century,” said Daniel Mendez, co-founder of Daysmith Coffee+. “As coffee fanatics, we felt something was missing from the coffee aisle. Not only were most of the RTD options filled with excess sugar and calories, but they also lacked the added benefits that modern consumers are looking for in their products. As consumers become more conscientious than ever before about what they are putting into their bodies, we set out to create an option that is both delicious and nutritious. We’re excited to bring Daysmith Coffee+ to coffee lovers nationwide.”

Daysmith founders Daniel Mendez and Derek Nelson are on a mission to disrupt the functional coffee space with a new kind of coffee – boldly combining ultra-smooth cold brews and creamy oat milk lattes with vitamins and plant-based nutrients to support your health and power your day. As coffee lovers themselves, the founders viewed the daily coffee ritual as the perfect opportunity to deliver added nutritional benefits. 

“Daysmith’s line of coffees provide balanced energy levels and unique wellness benefits,” said Derek Nelson, co-founder of Daysmith Coffee+. “While we take pride in what’s in our cans, we also pride ourselves on what we’ve left out of them. Unlike mainstream RTD coffees that pack up to 290 calories and 45 grams of sugar, our flavors range from 15-70 calories each and have only 0-5 grams of sugar.”

Daysmith Coffee+ is packaged in 7.5 oz recyclable aluminum cans and is available in single flavor and variety 12-packs ($48.00) nationwide on the company’s website,, as well as at specialty retail stores in Austin with more shelves launching throughout 2022. As a way to support local healthcare workers on the front lines, Daysmith donates to local healthcare organizations, including donating thousands of Daysmith coffees to hospitals in the Austin area monthly. For a limited time only, consumers can save 15% off all Daysmith Coffee+ products site-wide using code ‘LAUNCH15’ at checkout on


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