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Brazilian Drinks

Food and drink carry a significant part of Brazilian culture. In this country the size of a whole continent, the culture of drinking is at a very high level. Brazil is a hot country, so Brazilians often drink freshly squeezed juices and other soft drinks from Brazil. However, this cheerful and temperamental nation also loves strong alcohol.

Brazilian Drinks

1. Guarana Antarctica

is a Brazilian soda made from guarana berries.

Guarana (port. Guaraná) – this is not only the fruits of the Amazon plant, also in Brazil they call a carbonated non-alcoholic energetic, produced on the basis of these berries. Guarana fruits contain several times more caffeine than coffee beans. Therefore, the use of a drink provides a powerful burst of energy. Brazilian teens love to swallow a jar of guarana before going to the club. In bars, this energetic often gets in the way with vodka (funny, a popular brand of vodka in Brazil is called “Natasha”).

The most famous energy brands are Antarctica and Kuat. Another fairly famous Guarana-based drink is Guaraná Jesus. Since 2006, this pink lemonade with hints of cloves and cinnamon has been produced by Coca-Cola.

2. Caipirinha (caipirinha)

a drink made from cashews with the addition of ice, fruit juice (the most traditional choice is lime) and sugar. Usually caipirinha is made very strong, if you like weaker, be sure to warn the waiter.

Kashasa is so saturated. Many people prefer to drink it as part of various cauldrons, one of the most beloved among the inhabitants of Brazil is the Caipirinha cocktail (port. Caipirinha).

Exotic Caipirinha cocktail based on reed vodka is recognized as one of the best on the planet. Today it has become the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world after the famous Margarita.

3. Bloody Carioca

“Carioca,” That’s what  Brazilians call Rio de Janeiro. “Bloody Carioca”   is  a variation of the classic cocktail “Bloody Mary”, which is based on the Brazilian national drink, kashas. Well, I guess you can’t drink a lot of such cocktails  because of the large number of spices in it.

This Brazilian twist on the classic Bloody Mary is the perfect thing for a morning hangover.  This version replaces vodka with the country’s go-to spirit, cachaça, which is mixed with fresh tomato juice, lemon juice, passion fruit juice, celery salt, tabasco, ground pepper, and nutmeg. It is then served over ice in a highball glass with a stick of celery or slice of cucumber as a garnish.

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