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BRGR Bar Portsmouth New Hampshire

The first thing you may think of when it comes to New Hampshire is chowder, but it’s a state known for apple cider donuts, clam chowder, and maple syrup. Now, I love all of these things, but a classic dish I have been dying for is an excellent burger. I made it my mission to find the best burger place in downtown Portsmouth, and I must say I feel I have accomplished that mission. After eating a delicious hamburger from the BRGR Bar, it’s safe to say, I was put in a severe food coma that was worth it. 

BRGR Bar Portsmouth New Hampshire
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Where to Get the Best Burger in Portsmouth New Hampshire

For the first time since moving to New England, I went out with my partner to BRGR Bar. I cannot say what the inside looked like, but the outside of the restaurant was on the corner of the block and underneath a large hotel. I first confused the front door with the entrance of the hotel. However, a large sign asking to call for seating was on the door. We were seated on a streetside patio, and the service was phenomenal. Everyone I knew highly recommended the good burgers and drinks at BRGR Bar. Their burger recipes did not disappoint.

What to Eat in BRGR Bar

Firstly, this restaurant has the option of making your own burger. You can choose the bun, meat, toppings, and any dressings you would like. It is a place that allows you to have total freedom over what you eat, and even has vegetarian options which I love. In my mind, a burger bar should have everything including things that are vegetarian friendly. 

Another thing to mention about this restaurant is they are outstanding when dealing with food allergies. All you have to do is tell the server what you need, and they will be extra careful when cooking and preparing your foods. Each burger is so well put together it is like staring at a piece of food art. 

If you’re like me and can’t make a decision, they have some staples and main burgers to choose from. Any of these burgers will undoubtedly be phenomenal. There are three types of burgers that I would recommend to get right off of the menu. 

•    Stalone– This burger comes with a juicy veal patty that melts in your mouth with every bite. It is covered in garlic and sage aioli and topped with sautéed mushrooms. They add the perfect crunch into this burger with a few strips of prosciutto. The chefs perfectly prepare this meal; it smells fantastic, looks awesome, and your belly will be happy. 

•    The Nashville Hot– If you’re not in the mood for a burger, that’s okay. Try a crunchy chicken sandwich. It is delectably put together, and the chicken is fried to perfection. This burger is topped with homemade coleslaw, pickles, and mayo. The textures and tastes flow nicely together, creating a mouthwatering burger to snack on. 

•    Earth Burger– One of the things I mentioned earlier, which I greatly admire, was this restaurant has options for our vegetarian friends. It allows everyone to feel included in the menu options. The patty itself is made of lentils and fried quinoa, giving it the perfect “meaty” texture. It is topped with arugula pesto, mushrooms, tomato, lettuce, and pickle. You get everything a standard burger would but completely plant-based!

The Best Appetizers to Try

Nothing beats eating delicious food while waiting for more food to arrive. BRGR Bar has an excellent selection of appetizers, and there are two things you must try when going! 

•    Buffalo Brussel Sprouts– Now, this is a spicy dish! The brussel sprouts are cooked to a crunchy crisp and covered in the most delicious buffalo sauce you will ever taste. Nothing compares to it. This dish comes with a side of blue cheese dipping sauce, and believe it or not the combination is heavenly.  The saltiness of the blue cheese dip with the buffalo sauce’s spiciness on the brussel sprouts create a wild mix that adventurous eaters will love. 

•    Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls– The outside shell of this eggroll is perfectly crunchy and fried. The inside is filled with savory pieces of steak. Each bite has the ideal amount of cheese. I never thought mixing an eggroll and cheesesteak would be amazing, but this seriously did not disappoint me.

BRGR Bar is known for some amazing burgers and much more. They have created a wonderful and relaxing atmosphere for you to enjoy a zesty meal. This restaurant also serves a few cocktails that are just as delicious as the food. BRGR Bar could be one of the most fabulous places to eat a burger for lunch or dinner. Stop in if you’re in Portsmouth!

address34 portwalk place Portsmouth, NH 03801

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