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Bringing Fandoms to Life: Recipes from Fiction

Something that my wife and I have always talked about doing is making a whole day’s worth of snacks and meals using recipes from all of our favorite books, movies, television shows, and video games. What I have compiled down below is just a handful of the recipes we’d use along with some that I cannot wait to attempt! There are a great number of recipes that I will not have covered here, so please feel free to share any recipes from your favorite fictional world in the comments down below.

Lemon Cakes (Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire)

One of my wife and I’s favorite television shows is Game of Thrones. Sunday nights are always our favorite when GoT is on, and we have both read through the books as well! Sansa Stark, one of my wife’s favorite characters, is rather fond of lemon cakes which is why we are excited to try baking them! If prepared and baked properly, the end result should be a spongy, light cake with just the right amount of lemon!

Find the recipe here

Bantha Milk (Star Wars)

Star wars

The Star Wars franchise has given generations of people the perfect picture of what a fantasy epic in a faraway galaxy looks like. With the vast scope of such a well-fleshed out universe, I have personally always wondered what the food and drink was like in such a unique setting. Thankfully I was able to find a recipe for Bantha milk, which was shown briefly for the first time in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. This blue milk is not just milk with blue food coloring, but it can actually make for a nice, refreshing drink!

Find the recipe for Bantha milk here

Sea-Salt Ice Cream (Kingdom Hearts)

The Kingdom Hearts series is, without a doubt, my wife’s absolute favorite series of video games. Introduced in Kingdom Hearts II, sea-salt ice cream has been mentioned or featured in each subsequent Kingdom Hearts game since then. This recipe is a little more simple than others you may find elsewhere, but this recipe calls for more accessible and inexpensive ingredients than in other recipes.

Get the recipe for Sea-Salt ice cream here

Lembas Bread (Lord of the Rings)

The Lord of the Rings is my favorite book/movie series of all time! I have yet to make lembas bread, and I must say that this recipe makes me all the more excited to try it out! Lembas bread, or waybread, was given to Frodo and the Fellowship as they departed from Lothlorien and they used it all the way to Mordor! Different from cram, lembas bread is more flavorful while still being just as filling. This is a perfect snack for a hiking trip, as long as you bring a bottle of water or two as well. I definitely plan on trying this out in the near future!

The recipe for Sea-Salt ice cream can be found here

Kronk’s Spinach Puffs (The Emperor’s New Groove)

When I had first seen The Emperor’s New Groove, the dinner scene featuring Kronk’s spinach puffs always made me laugh. As I got older, I found myself more and mor curious about the spinach puffs each time I watched the movie. Thankfully, I was able to find this recipe! The finished product of this recipe sure seems as close to the movie representation as possible. As a side note, any of the leftover spinach mixture from these puffs can be used as a dip!

Get the recipe for Kronk’s spinach puffs here

Nuka-Cola Quantum (Fallout)

Fallout is one of my favorite sets of video games, not just because of the game itself but because of the unique, post-apocalyptic food and drink that can be found within the game. One such drink that can be found in the Fallout universe is Nuka-Cola Quantum. Whereas thein-game version of Nuka-Cola Quantum would be more like a soda, this recipes turns this wastelander’s drink into more of an alcoholic beverage. After having one of these drinks, that edge will definitely be taken off seeing as the recipe calls for both rum and vodka.

You can find the recipe for Nuka-Cola Quantum here

I am so excited to try out all of these recipes! I do not own any of the previously listed recipes, but please feel free to try them out and tell me how they turned out!

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