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Cabbagetown’s Carroll Street Café

There aren’t many experiences in Atlanta, Georgia, that I haven’t enjoyed. In fact, I might go so far as to say that I’ve loved every one of them. And this is true even despite the fact that I am one of those unfortunate types of people that is prone to bug bites, whenever, wherever. So, yes, despite the rampant bug-biting that happens to me in the sweltering heat of an Atlanta sun, I love the city. Each summer since 2015, I’ve traveled south from West Virginia to visit a dear friend of mine who lives in the Atlanta area.

We make it a point to explore new neighborhoods and parts of the city every time. I particularly love the trips we’ve taken to some of the more nuanced areas that beam history, art, and food in the same breath. I’ve written about some of the establishments in Cabbagetown on here before. But, I just can’t stop mentioning it, because it’s likely one of my favorite parts of Atlanta. Today, I’m going to talk about a darling spot in Cabbagetown called Carroll Street Café, where we stopped along our walk last summer for a few beers.

I first must brag and say that, happily, to get near anywhere in Cabbagetown, you’re likely to stumble through a row of enchantingly colorful murals. You’ll probably even catch them in the process of getting painted, like we did when we left Carroll Street Café.

Carroll Street Café
Image c/o Hannah Wyatt

But while we were stopped at the Café, I came to the wonderful realization that we could just sit outside. Coming from a more temperate climate in West Virginia, I’m not used to just being able to sit outside and lounge in fresh air while I consume. But in Atlanta, especially in the summer, you most always have the chance to do just that.

So, we skipped over the dark dampness of the indoor seating and took to the patio. From this spot, you have a great view of the area, including an old, industrial-looking building and water tower. At the time, I just amassed this to modern lofts being built from old factory houses. And some of them were. But, I later came to the realization that those buildings are actually the site of the famous Fab 5 Loft, as seen on the amazingly popular TV show Queer Eye.

Again, I was shocked at just how much better Atlanta was than most cities I’ve been to. There is always so much going on without making a huge deal of itself. I guess life is a bit like that in the South, a little slower, but still exciting to me in many ways.

So, we enjoyed this sight and sipped on some brews. Carroll Street Café is known for being a European-styled brunch and tapa house, although they are also host to many IPAs and craft brews. They coin themselves as “Bohemian”, although I’m not sure what constitutes that category. In any event, we enjoyed the beer we tried, including some of the Chimays.

On the patio at Carroll Street Café.
Images c/o Chase Monty
On the patio at Carroll Street Café.
Images c/o Chase Monty

If you’re into dark ales, try the Chimay Blue, which is a 9%. They also have a variety of Western American and European ales, including the classic Irish Guinness, Belgian Rodenbach, Avery Ellies Brown from Colorado, and much more. If you want to go for something authentically local, try the Atlanta Sweetwater 420. Carroll Street Café also has a selection of bottled and glassed wines, specialty drinks and cocktails, and martinis.

I personally didn’t have a chance to try the food, but if I make it back this summer, my intent is to see what that Bohemian vibe is all about. If you’re looking for something laid back and personal that still is very much Atlanta, I always suggest hopping on Marta and taking it to Cabbagetown. You won’t be disappointed.

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Hannah Wyatt
Hannah Wyatt is a freelance writer from Morgantown, WV. She writes poetry, academic papers, as well as online articles and web content.


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