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Cancer-fighting foods and drinks

Cancer-fighting foods and drinks

These days, Cancer seems to be leaving no one untouched in one way or another. In my own family, breast cancer runs rapid and currently, my mom and I are the only ones without the diagnosis. Even so, we can’t help but feel as though our clocks are ticking and soon we will also be members of this unfortunate club. In the meantime, I believe we can help ward off cancer by changing our diets to involve more cancer-fighting foods and drinks. The following are only a few of the many that are out there.

Spices and Herbs

Cancer-fighting foods and drinks

Turmeric is a type of spice that is often added to both sweet and savory dishes. They are high in antioxidants and serve as a powerful anti-inflammatory. Turmeric is thought to combat and prevent breast cancer, cancer of the bowel, skin, and stomach. 


Sage is also a great addition to both sweet and savory dishes. It is an herb that can be used fresh from the garden or dried. This herb is high in antioxidants, a great anti-inflammatory, and is thought to be beneficial to Alzheimer’s patients. This is due to the sage’s ability to improve memory, attention span and even turn a bad mood into a better one. Sage can be found as an essential oil, as well. In this form, it is thought to help fight cancer through aromatherapy. 

Cancer-fighting foods and drinks

Cumin is another spice that is popular in various ethnic cuisines. This spice is said to assist the effectiveness of the immune system, prevent hypoglycemia, and improve respiratory issues. Cumin can also be used as a good source of fiber and protein. It is recommended that people should grind their own cumin powder, fresh, before adding it to their cooking.


Cancer-fighting foods and drinks

It should come as no surprise that apples are a cancer-fighter food. After all, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but there is science behind this popular saying. For example, apples are believed to prevent infections, inflammation, as well as cardiovascular disease. Also, apples are likely able to inhibit the cell-growth for some types of cancer.

Cruciferous Vegetables
Cancer-fighting foods and drinks

These vegetables include kale, broccoli, and cauliflower. They are great sources of fiber and contains sulforaphane, an anti-cancer compound. When this compound is integrated with soybeans it is said to inhibit breast cancer tumor growth, specifically.

Salmon and other fatty fish
Cancer-fighting foods and drinks

The term “Fatty fish” refers to salmon as well as anchovies and mackerel. They are believed to lower a person’s risk of colon cancer as well as prostate cancer. 


Green Tea

Green tea is another antioxidant. It is not only found as a drinkable tea, but it is also found as an ingredient in other beverages, foods, and even beauty products due to its intense health benefits! Green tea is also acknowledged as a source to prevent a great many cancers including skin, liver, pancreatic, breast, lung, and esophageal cancer. 

Cancer-fighting foods and drinks

North African Sage and Green Tea recipe

(thanks to

  • 2 tablespoons of green tea (I used a decaffeinated green tea bag that I had on hand)
  • 2 ½ cups of simmering water
  • 6-9 fresh sage leaves (I used 9 of them)
  • Add sugar to taste
  1. Steep first 3 ingredients together for 4 to 5 minutes, add sugar and serve

My Notes

I was thrilled to try this recipe for myself. I went out to my garden and plucked 9 sage leaves from our garden and added them directly to the teapot water. I used a decaffeinated green tea bag as I didn’t have loose tea leaves on hand. Once my teapot began to whistle quietly I knew the water was hot enough without over boiling the sage leaves inside. I placed the tea bag inside my mug, added the sage steeped water and two teaspoons of regular white sugar. I found that the flavor was great, however I would use far less sugar than that. I am not a sweet-tooth person and this was far too sweet for me. I will happily drink this tea again in the future and would recommend a small bit of natural honey as an alternative to the sugar.

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