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In spite of their unmistakable Turkish provenance, Bosnian ćevapi is a source of extraordinary national pride and the nation’s preferred dish. These little, hand-rolled minced meat sausages are generally made with ground beef – or a blend of beef mince with different meats, for example, pork, veal or lamb – prepared with a blend of various flavors; typically garlic, salt, dark pepper, and sometimes paprika or hot red pepper flakes.

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After they have mellowed for two or three hours, ćevapi is grilled over charcoal. Traditionally, one part of the dish comprises of ten pieces of ćevapi tucked in a delicate, moist, slightly grilled flatbread called lepinja or somun, and an assortment of backups, for example, kajmak, a sort of clotted cream spread, roasted red pepper and eggplant relish called ajvar (particularly well known in Croatia and Serbia), and onions.

Types of Ćevapi:

Sarajevski ćevapi

Sarajevski ćevapi:

This extraordinary assortment of ćevapi hails from the city of Sarajevo, henceforth the name sarajevski ćevapi. There are variable records in regards to the use of meat for these meat rolls – perfectionists make them solely with ground beef, salt, and pepper, while others use a mix of ground meat such as mutton.
Sarajevski ćevapi is normally made only with ground beef and salt altogether for the meat flavor to be as clear as could reasonably be expected. When arranged, ćevapi ought to be refrigerated for 48 hours. They are then grilled and generally served in a round-shaped, meat stock-dipped bread called somun, joined by raw onions on the side.

Banjalučki ćevapi

Banjalučki ćevapi:

Different assortments of ćevapi are made in individual pieces, banjalučki ćevapi contrast from all others since they are set up as a meat tile normally comprising of four ćevapi associated in a row. They are made just with ground meat, salt, and pepper, much the same as sarajevski ćevapi, yet ground veal and garlic are in some cases additionally added to the blend. After they have been barbecued, banjalučki ćevapi are generally tucked into a round-formed bread called somun, and the dish is joined by bunches of raw onions.

Travnički ćevapi

Travnički ćevapi:

This ćevapi assortment is made in the city of Travnik in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The ćevapi are made with a blend of beef, veal, lamb, and mutton, with the expansion of salt, pepper, and a touch of baking soda. At the point when it is grilled, the meat is frequently brushed with a broth that was set up with beef bones and mutton.
The bread, privately called pitica, is dipped in the juices, then barbecued for a short time. When grilled, the ćevapi are set into the pitica, and they are then bested with raw onions. It is recommended to serve this ćevapi assortment with yogurt on the side.

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