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Chinese Bakery San Francisco

In San Francisco, China Town is one of the most magical places on earth, especially if you love pastries. When you walk to get gate of China Town, you will notice green roofs of the gate, red lanterns may be hanging from it, and dragons on both ends of the gate. As you walk through, you will notice bright red buildings, green rooftops, and gold accents along with every building with dragons popping up around the street. 

In San Francisco, China Town is one of the most magical places on earth, especially if you love pastries.
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If you find yourself wandering through China Town, you may be lost in awe. However, there is one place you must make your way to try the best Chinese pastries. Though there are many places to go, Eastern Bakery in China Town offers a wide variety and less wait time than other competing businesses. 

 Eastern Bakery in China Town
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The staff is friendly and will get you in and out as fast as they can. They offer various foods that can be served as lunches, and they have an excellent selection of pastries to choose from. The entire bakery is tiny. The ovens are at the front. There is a small sitting area in the rear of the building that fills up rather quickly.

What to Try at Eastern Bakery?

The best thing about this bakery is you can grab things to go and walk around China Town. You don’t have to stop in to eat a full meal, you can quickly wrap it up and eat as you walk. Here are the best things to grab while walking around San Francisco.

Eastern Bakery in China Town
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•    Cocktail Buns-

These perfectly glazed buns are filled with sweet coconut cream and happen to be my all-time favorite snack. Every time I am in San Francisco, I run to this bakery to get one… or maybe two cocktail buns. They are made perfectly with a crunchy outside, fluffy bread, and a delicious cream filling. It is rich, on the heavier side, and one of the most filling buns you could ever have.

•    Custard Tart-

This delicious dessert comes in little tins in the shape of the pie. They are not my favorite, but kids love these! If you have a family with you, this could be the best place to stop. They come in small, hand-sized little pie tins perfect for a small child. Each little pie pan comes with a crust and in the center an egg cream custard. It is heavenly.

•    Mooncake-

Traditionally, this was offered between friends and family and eaten during fall for the mid-autumn festival that worships the moon. This bakery sells these all of the year, and they come in different flavors with different fillings. If you have a chance to stop by more than once, you can try multiple kinds! My personal favorite is a mini black bean moon cake.

There are a million things to try at this bakery, and all of the options are good. If you need big orders for a party, make sure you call ahead! If you are grabbing and going, this is the perfect place to do a speedy stop. Their baked goods are stunning and mouthwatering. You will not be disappointed after leaving Eastern Bakery in China Town.

The best thing about walking through China Town is that there are many bakeries. On every corner, you will find something to stop and eat. This is one of the best places for a quick bite. However, if you are willing to wait a while, other bakeries are absolutely phenomenal. San Francisco has some of the best foods you will ever find, and the city is known for bringing different varieties of food to one place.


Address720 Grant Avenue San Francisco, CA 94108

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