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Coffee & Food Pairing: A Quick Guide

In my opinion, coffee is the king of caffeinated beverages. Whether hot or iced, cold brew or hot brew, it is simply hard to beat a nice cup of coffee. Coffee is one of the most versatile drinks out there! It can be enjoyed on its own or as a complement to a snack or meal. What I aim to do with this piece is to provide you with a list of different coffees and what food items can be paired with each coffee to provide the perfect equilibrium between coffee and food item.

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Fruit and any fruit-based delicacies tend to be the healthier and lighter side, with coffees that originate from Kenya, Haiti, Tanzania, Yemeni, or Jamaica serving as an excellent pairing option with just about any fruit. Fruit tarts or different fruit-based pastries also pair best with a cup of Brazilian or Costa-Rican coffee.

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Chocolate and coffee basically go hand in hand. Personally, I think chocolate goes well with any type of coffee. However, to truly get the most out of your afternoon indulgence, it is best to have an espresso roast with whichever form of chocolate you want to enjoy. A full-bodied roast coming from Guatemala goes well with any brownies or chocolate cakes. Another treat that goes well with any coffee with origins in Africa is chocolate covered fruit, so not only would you be able to pair coffee that goes well with chocolate but also with fruit! Coffee and chocolate-covered fruit is a favorite of mine!


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Baked Goods

Coffee and baked goods are another classic combination. Any flavor of biscotti goes perfect with any cup of coffee, especially a full-bodied espresso. Doughnuts are just as, if not more, popular than biscotti. Doughnuts and coffee are a staple at the breakfast table and at many coffeehouses and coffee shops, especially in the United States. Another favorite pairing of mine is cinammon rolls and coffee. Guatemalan and Colombian coffees have nice chocolate and caramel notes that go especially well with the cinnamon buns.

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Breakfast Food

Sitting down at the table for breakfast with a steaming hot cup of coffee is pretty much a tradition for families across the globe. The amount of versatility and the number of options that come with having coffee with breakfast food are what make coffee one of my personal favorite drinks. If you were to have crepes with breakfast, particularly of the savory variety, a bold dark roast coffee from the Pacific Islands would be optimal. Sweeter crepes call for a strong Colombian coffee, while berry crepes go extremely well with a Kenyan or Haitian coffee. One of my favorite things about crepes is that they also pair well with any espresso drink. A classic breakfast combination has always been eggs and bacon/sausage and coffee. For this pairing, I would recommend a medium roast coffee, preferably from Costa Rica. When enjoying something a little heavier, such as an omelette, a Sumatran or Indonesian coffee would be the best to handle the full and sometimes complex flavors in an omelette. Kona and Nicaraguan coffees, mainly light roast, are ideally paired with oatmeal or pancakes. Quiche can be paired quite nicely with any type of coffee out of the Pacific islands, with the savory flavors of the quiche complementing the body of the coffee. Grainy breakfasts that include toast and/or cereal would be best when enjoyed with a light or medium roast cup of coffee from Guatemala or Brazil. Cappucinos are also a viable option to pair with grainy breakfast items as well!

If you have any suggestions or ideas for ways to pair coffee and food, make sure to leave them in the comments down below!

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