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Coffee in Different Cultures

Today almost everyone in the world drinks coffee. Some drink to get them going in the morning, while others enjoy few cups of coffee throughout the day. Coffee is known to bring many health benefits but only if drank in a controlled amount. But, do we know when this amazing drink started to be made.

There are many different legends about the origin. Every culture tells it differently. But there is one legend that got my attention. The coffee that today is grown worldwide comes from many centuries ago from the ancient forests in the Ethiopian plateau. It was discovered by accident by goats. Yes, by goats.

The story starts when Kaldi noticed that his goats have become energetic after eating “berries” from a tree. So, when they did they weren’t able to sleep during the night. He shared this discovery with the monastery and they started to make drinks from the coffee beans. He was able to stay alert and awake during the evening prayers. Later the discovery was shared in Arabian Peninsula. Slowly the coffee was spread all across the world.

Cultures serve and make coffee in different ways. But before we get into that here is a reminder about the 15 Health Benefits of drinking coffee:

  1. Lowers the chance of cancer
  2. Lowers the risk of Sclerosis
  3. Stronger DNA
  4. Less risk of heart attack and diseases
  5. Parkinson’s protection
  6. Reduces depression and suicide risk
  7. Alzheimer’s disease protection
  8. Lowers the Risk of Diabetes
  9. Liver cirrhosis protection
  10. Better fiber intake
  11. Helps with social skills
  12. Better health overall
  13. Longevity
  14. Retinal Damage Prevention
  15. Prevents cavities

Italy: Espresso

There is no to-gogo – cup in Italy. If you do order one they will instantly know that you are a tourist. For them, Espresso is a to-go Coffee. Espresso is a strong coffee served in small cups.

Turkish coffee

Turkey: A Turk Kahvesi

This is a famous Turkish coffee drink that is even popular in many Balkan countries. While people love drinking this coffee with and without sugar the true traditional version should be very, very sweet. The coffee must be strong, black and sweet. Traditionally is made in a copper pot – cezve and it is served with chewy candy on the side.

Denmark: Kaffee

Denmark: Kaffee

One of the countries that are classified as the highest consumer of coffee in Denmark. Coffee is very important in their culture and it can be found on every corner.

Café au Lait

France: “Café au Lait”

In France, the days start with coffee made with milk, hot. It is served in wide cups so that you can dip croissants or baguettes in.


Cuba: Cubano

In Cuba coffee is served at any change throughout the whole day. But it must be strong. It is served in small cups as shots and it is enjoyable during socialization with friends, coworkers, and family.

Ethiopia: Buna

Ethiopia: Buna

Coffee’s birthplace, Ethiopia. Here there are many coffee ceremonies and coffee is a distinguished part of their culture. The processes of brewing and also serving can last even 2 hours. Traditionally the buna is served with butter or salt and not with sugar.

Melange im Café Hofburg, Wien

Austria: Melange

The traditional coffee drink in Austria is Melange. It is similar to a cappuccino. This drink contains steamed milk and espresso. It is topped with whipped cream or froth.

How do you drink your coffee? Do you follow your traditional way of drinking coffee? Share with us. Also, if you have a special coffee recipe that you enjoy please share with us coffee lovers to try it out. 

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