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Cold Brew Coffee: The Unsung Hero

The process of making cold brew coffee is relatively new to the scene in comparison to other coffee brewing methods. I love all types of coffee, but cold brew coffee is by far my all-time favorite. The uniqueness of the brewing techniques required to make it along with the finished product are topics that I am going to touch on with this piece in the hopes that you will come to appreciate cold brew coffee as much as I have.

            The brewing processes for cold brew and regular coffee are practically on opposite ends of the spectrum. While a regular pot of coffee may only take a few minutes to completely finish brewing, a batch of cold brew coffee can take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours to completely brew! This is because cold brew coffee is brewed with cold water, requiring a much longer brew time. The two primary methods to make cold brew coffee are the slow-drip method or the slow-steeping method. However, the end result from such a lengthy extraction and brewing period is drastically different from coffee brewed by normal methods.

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Longer extraction period

            One of the glaring differences between a cup of cold brew coffee and a cup of regular hot coffee is the acidity level. Because cold brew coffee has a longer extraction period, much more of the acidity is drawn out. What happens as a result of this is a much more smooth and sweet cup of coffee. On the other hand, because of the exponentially longer brewing process and the loss of acidity, the aromatics that waft through the air with normal coffee are not normally present with coffees that are cold brewed.

            Another thing to factor in when purchasing cold brew coffee is that it will have a somewhat higher price tag than regular coffee. The reason for a steeper price per cup can be attributed to a handful of things. Firstly, the cost of the beans used for the cold brew should be taken into account. Coffee shops may purchase seasonal or single-origin beans exclusively for the cold brew coffee. Another more obvious factor to think about is the brewing time. The longer cold brew coffee is left to brew, the more rounded out the flavor profile is, which gives a much higher quality cup. Thirdly, the cost of supplies such as cups, lids, and straws for cold drink cups is just a little bit higher than the cost of simple paper cups and regular lids for hot drinks. These three factors definitely justify the price of such an excellent cup of coffee.

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Unsung hero of the coffee industry

            All in all, cold brew coffee has had an immense positive impact on the coffee industry despite, as previously stated, being relatively new to the game . While it may not have the same traditional brewing methods as regular coffee, the payoff for such a longer brewing time is well worth the wait. The well-rounded and smooth yet flavorful body of cold-brew coffee is what makes it stand tall above it’s iced coffee counterpart. Cold brew coffee is definitely here to stay, with grocery stores selling a variety of cold brew coffee brands all across the country. It is becoming just as popular in coffee shops as regular coffee and does not seem to be slowing down. Nitro cold brew is another method of making cold brew coffee, which ends up giving the coffee a creamy body and a foamy head, much like a pint of Guinness! I hope that I have educated you all and given you a fresh insight to the unsung hero of the coffee industry!

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