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Common Street foods of Pakistan

Street foods vary from region to region. As Pakistan lies in South Asia and has a great history and culture, it is rich in a variety of food items that are full of flavor and are loved by all.  Some of the famous street food items are dahi bhallay, Gol gappay, Channa chat, Samosa, Pakora, roll paratha, bhunnay sittay (roasted corns) Bun kabab, Jalebi kulfi and Falooda.

Gol gappay
Gol gappay. SOURCE: Reema Junaid

Street Foods of Pakistan

Gol Gappay

Gol gappay is also known as pani puri. It is a very common street food in India and Pakistan. Gol means round and pani means water. Gappay or puri refers to a deep fried round hollow puri that is crispy. It is served with flavored water made with tamarind and various spices. The round puri is filled with chickpeas, onion, potatoes, yogurt and sweet and chili sauce then either it is dipped in flavored water or water is sipped with it. The blend of sweet and sour creates a unique burst of flavors that is enjoyed by all.

Dahi bhallay
Dahi bhallay. SOURCE: Reema Junaid

Dahi bhallay

Dahi bhallay is a Punjabi dish made from yogurt. It can be used as a side dish or as a snack. Bhallay is made from a batter of gram flour fried in round shape. It is then dipped in yogurt along with potatoes, onions, tomatoes, some spices, sweet tamarind sauce and a green chilies sauce. It is found in most of the cities of Pakistan.

Chana chaat
Chana chaat . SOURCE: Reema Junaid

Chana chaat

It is a snack made from chick peas. It is also easily available across all of the Pakistan. It consists of chickpeas, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, a little yogurt and tamarind sauce topped with chaat masala (special spices mixed together). Flavor of the chaat can be mild to very spicy according to the taste of the consumer.

Samosa. SOURCE: Reema Junaid


It is a fried or baked savoury triangular pastry that is eaten as a snack. It is filled with vegetables or meat. Mostly, potato filled samosas are the most common ones.

Pakora SOURCE: Reema Junaid


Pakora is another traditional fried evening snack that is made from gram flour, vegetables and spices. It is like fritter and is eaten with a sauce made with mint, chillies and yogurt known as chutney. It’s a favorite must have food item in the month of Ramazan and during rain. During rainfall, Pakistanis love to have it with tea or coffee

Paratha roll
Paratha roll SOURCE: Reema Junaid

Roll Paratha

A paratha is a flatbread made of wheat dough made with layers of oil and wheat flour in between. The word Paratha is an amalgamation of two words parat and atta which means layers of cooked dough. A paratha roll is mainly filled with cooked chicken and vegetables.  There is a huge variety of roll parathas like chicken tikka roll paratha, chicken and cheese roll paratha, hot and spicy roll paratha and many more.

Bun Kabab

It is a local version of burger, also known as desi burger. The patty is known as kabab which is made up of lentils, chickpea or meat. It is affordable street food that is easily available across Pakistan.

Jalebi SOURCE: Reema Junaid


Jalebi is a pan fried orange sweet pretzels. They are made with flour and are deep fried in circular shapes then soaked in sugar syrup. It has chewy texture and sugary exterior. It can be served cold or warm.

Falooda SOURCE: Nur Al Ann Ali


Falooda is a drink or a dessert that contains a lot of ingredients like basil seeds, vermicelli, flavored syrups, nuts and ice cream. It has a cooling effect and is loved during summers.

Makai SOURCE: Reema Junaid

Makai (bhutta)

Makai or bhutta is corn. Corn is one is of the street food of Pakistan that is eaten very often in the boiled or roasted form topped with salt, spicy masala and lemon juice. Even separated seeds of corns are also roasted in the hot salt that gives it a crunchy texture from outside and soft in the inside.

chicken tikka
Chicken Tikka SOURCE: Reema Junaid

Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka is a delicious street food. A chicken is marinated with yogurt, lemon juice, ginger, garlic and Tikka masala (a special blend of spices) and is roasted over coals. The marinating is mostly done overnight in order to get amazing flavors and served with chutney and Naan(a flat bread baked in oven).


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Ammar junaid n Reema Junaid P.
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