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The Best Cooking Shows of All Time, According to Chefs

Tobias Kumwenda
Tobias Kumwenda
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On cooking shows, you can watch master chefs do amazing things with food. But which of these cooking shows are the best? To answer this question, I spoke to several professional chefs to get their opinions on the very best cooking show of all time. Here’s what they had to say!

Paula Deen – ‘In the Kitchen with David’

I love David Rocco. I love him because he has so much knowledge and it’s not just about food. He takes you on a journey. He has such a warm personality too.

Cooking Shows

Buddy Valastro – ‘Cake Boss’

Cake Boss, which first aired in 2009 and is currently airing its eighth season on TLC, is based on Buddy Valastro’s real-life experience running Carlo’s Bakery.

Valastro owns a bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey that is so famous, it has been written about by The New York Times and has been featured on Throwdown with Bobby Flay.

In 2014, Buddy was named a recipient of a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Culinary Host. ‘Cake Boss’ follows him as he manages his wildly successful family business.

Bobby Flay – ‘Throwdown with Bobby Flay’

Bobby Flay’s Throwdown with Bobby Flay is a fantastic cooking show that pits Flay against professional chefs in head-to-head competitions. The show is part friendly rivalry and part exercise in ego for Flay.

In one episode, he takes on world-renowned chef Jamie Oliver in a chili cookoff (Flay won). In another, he takes on Iron Chef Mario Batali.

Each episode features three rounds: appetizer, entrée, and dessert; whichever chef dishes out dishes that best fit within their category wins round one.

Giada De Laurentiis – ‘Everyday Italian’

De Laurentiis’ show taught her millions of viewers how easy it is to make Italian food at home. She was one of Food Network’s first breakout stars thanks to her bubbly personality and authenticity.

De Laurentiis also worked in restaurant kitchens before getting into television and has written several cookbooks.

Her approachable-yet-sophisticated style may just be what Americans need today—her popularity soared after she premiered an eight-episode special series with Food Network star Mario Batali called Giada in Paradise. And for an interesting fact about De Laurentiis? She didn’t actually invent pasta primavera!

Jamie Oliver – ‘Jamie’s Kitchen’

The best cooking show has got to be Jamie Oliver’s ‘Jamie’s Kitchen’. This 13-part reality show follows a group of aspiring chefs through their first year at Jamie’s restaurant. It shows how hard it is to be a chef and what you have to go through.

Not only that but you get to see real-world problems happening with some staff members on your team which makes for great TV!

The people who don’t make it are shown not as failures but that they simply just didn’t have what it takes, because if they did then surely one person out of hundreds should’ve been able to make it right?

Ree Drummond – ‘The Pioneer Woman’

There are plenty of reasons why Ree Drummond’s cooking show The Pioneer Woman is a favorite among chefs. But it’s likely Drummond’s matter-of-fact attitude and undeniable authenticity that sets her apart from other personalities in TV kitchens.

She started her cooking channel at home after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer—she had wanted to create recipes that were healthy but also accessible for everyday cooking.

Now, she has her own magazine and several New York Times bestsellers under her belt; she even makes good-looking food on Instagram—but at its core, The Pioneer Woman is about connecting with people through food.

Alton Brown – ‘Good Eats’

When it comes to cooking shows, there’s perhaps no bigger personality in TV history than Alton Brown. ‘Good Eats’ is a timeless favorite among chefs and non-chefs alike: The show balanced science with his personal approachable style as he showed audiences how to make everything from scratch.

In addition to providing recipes for audiences and teaching cooks how food works — he also had a bit of fun doing it. The show ran for 14 seasons before ending in 2012 but is still shown in reruns today.

It’s truly one of the best cooking shows of all time and a must-watch for anyone interested in food (even if you don’t ever plan on going into professional cooking).

Guy Fieri – ‘Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives’

When it comes to famous chefs, Guy Fieri is often overlooked in discussions about the best.

But according to many high-profile culinary stars from around the country, Fieri has one of the best cooking shows on television.

When I’m flipping through channels and he’s on – I have yet to see him where I don’t stop and watch, says Chef Kevin Sbraga. It’s like watching a car wreck – you just can’t turn away!

Tyler Florence – ‘Tyler’s Ultimate’

He’s hosted Food Network shows like ‘Tyler’s Ultimate’, which is just what it sounds like: Tyler Florence taking on some of his favorite dishes from around America. The show ran for five seasons and earned Florence an Emmy nomination.

When he’s not hosting or judging on television, he owns restaurants in California that offer gourmet comfort food and seasonal cocktails. His cookbook ‘Florence at Home’ was a New York Times bestseller.

His television show Tyler’s Ultimate aired on Food Network for four seasons starting in 2009. He was awarded a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Culinary Hosting in 2010.

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