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Cultural Festival You Must Visit – Sharjah Heritage Day in UAE

There is something special in traditional cooking. Traditional dishes represent the culture but that is not the only thing. Once you have a taste these dishes will take your breath away. Each food is special for something. You might find beans cooked with only a few simple seasonings and another dished filled with extraordinary seasoning mix. But still, they both are delicious in their own way. Well, there is one amazing place and event that you can experience a magical cross between cultures.


Sharjah Heritage day Event where different cultures come together and represent their food, culture and a lot more. This even will leave everyone speechless because you can really learn about almost all countries in the world in just one place. Each year the visitor number increase and it has become one event that must be visited. It is expected that each year the number will be increased two times.


This festival features cultural entertainment and activates located in Sharjah. Even though Sharjah is known as the beacon for various cultural enthusiasts it is one huge momentum that grows and moves the emirates as one major destination for those who love heritage.

People don’t only have the opportunity to experience the culture of the UAE but also 30+ countries have their own part in the festival that represents themselves. You can see different types of dancing, art, clothing, food and more.


This festival usually is in April so if you really want to see something beautiful and special then plan your next trip there. This year 2019 has been the 17th session and in 2020 you will be able to see even more cultures gather together.

When it comes to food there was one thing that surprised me a lot. This was how my culture was so similar to another, even though we are thousands of miles apart. We even have the same signature dish. This just explains how at some time in the past we have lived together. Time and the past itself is wonderful because you never know what you will learn about yourself, and your culture.


Each country has its own street decorated with cultural probes, with different stands where they present their craftsmanship, traditional clothes, dance, art and food where you can go and try from each meal. You can find breakfast, dinner, lunch, and desserts that are mouthwatering. While my culture has meals that don’t use a lot of seasoning (mainly, salt, pepper, and red paprika) I was surprised how seasonings can be so incredibly mixed. And yes, you can ask them anything you want about each dish and they will explain in detail. After all, their goal here is to represent themselves in the best light.


I also loved the different types of dancing that I saw. I tried to imitate each dance move as accurate as possible. What is even more interesting is that each dance has a story behind.

So, if you are one of those people who love to experiment and try with food from different cultures and you don’t have that chance in your country well this is the best place to do it. However, as you plan your trip here make sure to read the rules of UAE. Also, pack light clothes because the temperatures here can reach a very high degree.


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