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Curation Bev Co’s New Collection of Craft Cocktails, Hard Seltzers, and Wine Spritz Debuts in Colorado

The future of drinking has arrived – Curation Bev Co. has officially launched the first-ever multi-category offering bringing a whole new line of award-winning canned alcoholic beverages for every occasion and type of drinker. Made with real juice and nothing fake, ever, Curation’s collection of canned alcoholic beverages includes spirit-based craft cocktails, vodka hard seltzers, and wine spritz, sold separately in 4-packs and together as the first-ever multi-category “Party Pack.” Curation’s collection is now available to purchase at multiple locations across Colorado including Hazel’s Beverage World, Argonaut Liquor, Bevy’s Littleton, Superior Liquor, Bonnie Brae Liquor, Mondo Vino, Molly’s Spirits, and more.

Spearheading evolution in the alcohol industry, Curation creates authentic ready-to-drink beverages that quench the thirst for honest ingredients and human connection. Made from the best ingredients and inspired by classic recipes with a modern twist, Curation is crafting a better way to cocktail.

Curation was crafted from the idea of creating something together; Curation founders Jake Buzaid and Dale LaFlam are cousins on a mission to disrupt the alcohol space by curating premium beverage experiences. Designed to be the “Party Pack” you pick up when you want to spend time with your friends and family, whether you’re celebrating, commiserating, or hanging out on a Friday night, Curation aims to be the beverage of choice for all occasions.

Curation’s collection of ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages uses real juices and ingredients and are crafted with a unique modern twist. The line features six SKUS in three-category offerings, including:

{Curation} Hard Seltzers: Made with vodka containing 5% alcohol by volume, Curation’s seltzers are true to color using real ingredients, and nothing fake, ever. Varieties include:
– Grapefruit Twist: made with vodka, grapefruit juice, a hint of orange, and sparkling water.⁠
– Cranberry Twist: made with vodka, cranberry juice, pure honey, and sparkling water. ⁠

{Curation} Wine Spritz: Each wine spritz is a proprietary blend of base wines, botanicals, and fruit – a light touch of carbonation and contains 7% alcohol. Varieties include:
– Infused Rosé: made with Rosé, orange blossom, peach, blood orange, and a hint of rhubarb.
– White Sangria: made with Pinot Grigio, orange flower, pineapple, passion fruit, and a hint of plum.⁠

{Curation} Craft Cocktails: Each canned cocktail is made with real spirits and contains 9% alcohol by volume. ⁠To elevate the experience, pour into your favorite glass over ice. Sip and savor. Varieties include:
– Salt & Smoke Margarita: made with 100% agave spirit, lemon juice, fresh hibiscus, and a hint of Jalapeno. ⁠
– Sweet Tea Old-Fashioned: made with Bourbon, pure honey, black tea, and grapefruit juice. ⁠This one-of-a-kind cocktail won first place at the 2022 International Whisky Competition for Best RTD Cocktail.

“We started Curation with one goal: to reimagine the category and become a ready-to-drink alcohol brand consumers can trust for all life occasions”, said Dale LaFlam, co-founder of Curation Bev Co. “This collection of cocktails was curated from our experiences of human connection and celebrating. Each drink has been inspired by our life experiences, making them special while having their own story. So we hope you’ll crack a can and pour your own story, all while making memories with your loved ones.”

Check out Curation at and @curationbevco on Instagram to pour the story, make memories, and #DrinkCuration.

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