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Dessert in The Red-Light District

When I think of the red-light district in Amsterdam, I think of coffee shops that are drastically different from American coffee shops.  Or maybe I think of truffles with a little red mushroom marking each shop that carries them. I never knew that the red-light district was also known for its incredible desserts and pastries.

Red light district of Amsterdam by day. 2012
Ввласенко / CC BY-SA (

Each made mouthwatering, made with care, and a ton of sugar. Every other shop you walk by has some form of treats or goodies displayed in their window. I truly believe part of Amsterdam’s experience is to try all of these wonderfully made desserts. They have a small-town vibe with significant tasty food options on every corner.

Dessert in The Red-Light District

Some of them will seem like the ones from home but taste so much better. Maybe it was the fact I was somewhere new and exciting that made the flavors pop out so much more. Whatever it was, it made the food desirable and delicious. Every time I tried something new, it was so flavorful, fresh, and extreme I couldn’t help but eat more.

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Desserts to Try in Amsterdam red-light district

Rene’s Croissants Amsterdam– This fantastic stop and go place has open walls and standing tables. The first thing you will see is the fantastic selection of treats. On the very top, you will see churros that are perfectly golden, hot, and crispy. They are my go-to recommendation for a quick sweet snack. The churros are perfectly fried and then topped with powdered sugar before they get handed over to you. It is one of the best things you will taste all day. Stop in to try some of their yummy waffles too.

René’s Croissanterie
Damstraat 20 1012 JM Amsterdam The Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)20 – 638 83 48
Fax: +31(0)20 – 620 01 39
Mail: [email protected]

•    Sweetella– An easy walk from the train station in the heart of the city, they are open until 1 am every night a perfect place to stop for the midnight munchies. They offer the most delectable waffles that you can cover in warm chocolate drizzle or my personal favorite hot caramel sauce. Every bite is sweet, chewy, and fluffy. However, they can combine chewy and fluffy. I am a fan and will always recommend this place to anyone going to Amsterdam.

Warmoesstraat 53, 1012 HW Amsterdam

•    Winkel 43– This cafe provides a comfortable sit-down place to enjoy their phenomenal apple pie. The crust is thick and perfectly crusty, filled to the brim with caramelized apples and the best cinnamon-sugar flavor you can find in Amsterdam. Of course, it is topped with a substantial amount of whipped cream. It is the perfect spot to enjoy the Dutch Apple Pie and a shot of espresso.

Noordermarkt 431015 NAAmsterdamNederland[email protected]020-6230223

•    Van Stapele– Homemade cookies for all the cookie lovers out there. The shop is small and you will have to find somewhere else to eat most days. There is a line always going out the door. The cookies are fresh, warm, gooey, and come in many different varieties. Because of how busy they are you will be sure to get a fresh cookie any time you go.

HEISTEEG 4 1012 WC AMSTERDAM [email protected]

You can walk down any street in Amsterdam or stop any person to tell you where to go. Everyone is friendly and will show you the best places to eat. One of the coolest things to do in Amsterdam is to walk through the streets and try snacks from each place you find fascinating.

Dutch food is simple and straightforward. It is not overly processed and a meal will have many vegetables in it. Their desserts? Filled with fruits, powdered sugar, and the perfectly crusted dough. Much of the desserts that I tried in Amsterdam were less processed than anything I had ever tried in the United States.

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