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Dining Travels in Connecticut

My sister and I would schedule annual trips to the Steve Wilko’s and Jerry Springer Show. We took the bus early in the morning to New York and a shuttle bus to Connecticut.

In March 2010, we scheduled trips to different locations outside our usual surroundings. My sister is always adventurous and I would be willing to join her. After leaving the shuttle bus, we stood in line outside the building to receive our wrist bands for the taping of the show.

While entering the building, we were escorted to the waiting area until it was time to enter the studio to tape the show. The best part about this experience was the breakfast in the waiting room and we watched previous episodes of each show.

We took our seats, until Jerry Springer and Steve Wilko’s entered the studio.

Before they began taping, the directors of each show directed the audience on how to react to the wrong doing or infedelities according to the story line.

When we left the building, my sister and I decided to look around for a restaurant in the down town area of Connecticut.

Bradford’s Grill Tavern

We walked around until we found a sports bar called Bradford’s Grill Tavern.

I recall ordering the Bradford’s Sampler which consisted of Potato Skins, Chicken Fingers, Mozzarella Sticks, and Cordon Bleu Bites. This restaurant has a very hospitable environment. The servers greet you when you enter the restaurant and the service was excellent. The restaurant has delicious food choices to indulge in.

According to their menu they serve Weekly Food Specials, Appetizers, Tacos, Sandwiches, Wraps, Burgers, Salads, Entrees, and Pizza.

This restaurant is located 83 Bedford Street, Stamford, Connecticut.

Stamford Town Center
The Plaza at Stamford Town Center SOURCE: Wikimedia Commons

Wetzel’s Pretzels

After, my sister and I decided to go to Stamford Town Center to do some shopping and to get dessert. Our first stop was at H&M to look for Polo shirts for the Spring.

We went to Wetzel’s Pretzels to get a frozen lemonade and pretzel bites with cheese. The frozen lemonade and pretzel bites we’re tasty.

They have amazing pretzel selections such as the Wetzel’s Original, Sinful Cinnamon, Sour Cream and Onion, and Almond Crunch. Including cheese pretzels, called The Cheese Meltdown, Grateful Garlic, Pepperoni Twist, and Jalepeno Cheese Melt.

Wetzel Dogs, Cheese Dogs,Jalepeno Dogs, Dog Bites, Pizza Bites, Almond Crunch Bites, Cinnamon Bites, and Sour Cream and Onion Bites. They serve beverages such as Frozen Lemonade, Fresh Lemonade, Frozen Granita, and Fountain Drinks.

The establishment is located 100 Gray Rock Place #F-062 Stamford, Connecticut, CT 06901 Level 3 Grand Court of the Stamford Town Center.

On a warm summer day in August 2011, my sister, her friends and I took the express bus early in the morning to New York to catch the shuttle to Stamford, Connecticut. We arrived at the studio for the filming of the Steve Wilko’s and Jerry Springer Show.


While entering the building, we received a wrist band and we had to wait in the lobby until we were called to our seats. After breakfast, the directors of the show escorted us to our seats.

Two hours later, we left the building to go shopping at the Stamford Town Center. My sister Marie, her friends, and I went to Forever 21 and Bath and Body Works. First, we went to Forever 21 to purchase jewelry and t-shirts.

Then we went to Bath and Body Works to purchase Body Wash, Lotion, and Hand Cream. We went to S’barro because my sister and I enjoyed their pizza. The Extra Cheese pizza is like eating a slice of heaven! The pizza slices were huge and it’s worth the visit at your local mall.

We sat down on the bench to eat our pizza and discussed about how much fun we had during the show tapings for Jerry Springer and Steve Wilko’s.

Later, we took the shuttle from Connecticut to New York then we took the express bus home.

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Jerrene Flounoy
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