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Elephantine Bakery

Portsmouth has small bakeries hidden around every block offering unique goodies. One of the best places you can try is a small bakery at the end of the street located on commercial alley: Elephantine Bakery. It is a little corner space that is cozy and one of the best places to get comfortable on a cold day. Or enjoy the sun with a glass of tea. The outside is brick, lined with black trim and gold letters stating their name very clearly. This bakery has only been here for a year, but it feels like they have been a part of our small community for much longer than that.

When you walk inside you, see a case filled with freshly made bakeries. There is a wall lined with items in jars to purchase to the right side of the entrance. There are a few small tables to the left of the entrance. Each wall is decorated in rich and vibrant wallpaper. The bakers and cashiers are some of the friendliest in town, and if you have not stopped into this brilliant bakery, it is about time you do so.

This bakery is conveniently just two blocks away from the nearest parking spot, less than one if you park on the side of the garage that says commercial alley. You can walk down the stairs and walk from the garage onto the street and up to one block. For me? It’s an easy walk from the prank shop I work at part-time. I can walk there and know they will get me in and out quickly with a goodie in my hands.

The Absolute Best Things to Try at Elephantine

Ham and Cheese Croissant

This is the perfect amount of flakiness on the top, but the cheese melts so well on the inside that it creates a gooey layer before you hit the saltiness of the ham. It creates the perfect sweet and savory pick me up. It is my go-to stress food that I cherish even when I am not stressed.

Ricotta Lemon Danish

This is a zesty treat that leaves your tongue dancing with lemons. This bakery is known for its artesian loaves of bread, but this is beyond the excellent crust. The tart of the lemon mixes scrumptiously with the sweetness of the grainy cheese. I would not describe the cheese as chunky, but it is more granular and slightly sweeter than other cheeses.

Egyptian Bread Pudding

Another sweet dessert to add on the list. If you have never heard of Egyptian bread pudding that’s okay, neither had I. However, now that I know what it is, I genuinely believe everyone needs to try this pastry. It is made of croissant dough inside the dough is a mix between coconut flakes, raisins, and pistachios. The raisins give it a sweetness, the pistachios give it an earthy salty flavor, and the coconut makes a firm bite that gives it an exotic feel.

Falafel and Pita

If you need something more than a snack, they now offer delicious lunches, you can preorder if you’re in a pinch. It is served on their house pita and baba ghanoush, which is finely mashed eggplant mixed with tahini. This is one of my favorite ways to eat pita and falafel. It is filling but also very light, and it doesn’t leave you overly bloated or feeling so full you will explode. Instead, it is a happy and balanced feeling of fullness.

Many places in this small town have closed down, but Elephanitine continues to grow. I make it a goal to support local businesses and try their new dishes. More than ever before, I find myself grabbing snacks besides my fridge, and it is out of love for this small town and the locals who create delightful and meaningful dishes.

If you have yet to try Elephantine, be sure to make this your first stop. They have a lovely assortment of coffee, teas, and even hot chocolate. You can order from them online or stop in to grab a bite to go. They have outside tables set up along their floor-length windows, where you can set up for a quick bite. Right now, more than ever before, Portsmouth is relying on the locals. Stop into this local café to show your support and eat some incredible food.

Elephantine Bakery

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