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Emerging Culinary Trends -A Twist in your Routine Diet.

It has been seen that 2018 has been a year of transition where people started opting for vegan culture and developing taste for proteins which are plant based and not meat based. We have seen people developing healthy habits for themselves and for the environment, switching to zero waste policies etc. A trend which does not seem to be stopping this year, it is expected to diversify and grow on a much larger scale.

Let’s take a look at what can be expected to hit your plates this year;

Plant Based

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1.    Plant Based Protein v/s Meat Protein: We would see more of plant-based proteins making way into everyday meals. Meat protein would take a back seat as people would be opting for meals consisting of pulses, tofu, quinoa, millets etc. The chefs would have to cook up innovative high protein meals for the vegans, leading to lesser meat days for 2019.

SOURCE: Pixabay

2.    Super Food Powder: The entry of superfoods in our daily routine is going to be replaced by the same superfoods but in a powder form. The powder form is more appealing to the palate; it can be easily added to any form of comfort food like shakes, ice-creams, yogurt to name a few. The nutritional goodness of these superfoods is restored in the powder form making it a delight to use in our daily routine. Chia, Cocoa, Moringa, Flax are some examples of what can be added to our daily meals.


SOURCE: Pixabay

3.    Non-Alcoholic Beverage: The present generation is shifting to lower alcoholic based drinks where the base is a wine and not a high-proof spirit. The Bartenders would be whisking up drinks which are based on seasonal fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers mixed with flavored tonic water, non –alcoholic spirits etc. which would be a refreshing and healthy change to daily routine.

4.    Replacing Hi-Carb Food Base: Get ready to replace a deep-fried taco shell with a lettuce, kale or spinach leaf. The shells which can be made of glutton free flour so the same goodness of the taco can be enjoyed in a healthier way. Chefs are looking at ways of creating noodles, pasta, bread out of low carb vegetables…normal flour noodles with whole wheat noodles, zoodles – zucchini noodles and pasta, cauliflower rice etc. are examples of what can be expected from the chefs to please your healthy palate.

5.    Bowl of Health: Upcoming restaurants are serving healthy food in a bowl …meaning an individual can enjoy a wholesome and healthy meal in a bowl.This bowl is primarily a combination of rice, veggies, fruits, herbs, sprouts, broth, protein ( meat or plant ), sauces,  etc. These bowls can be customized according to a diner’s taste and are a welcome change to the traditional food.These bowls of happiness are basically adapted from a Japanese concept of Poke Bowl.

6.    Environment Consciousness: The chefs of this generation are aware of the food crisis which is intensifying across the globe, to deal with the same we would seeing Chefs applying “ root to stem” meaning they would find innovative ways of including vegetable stems and leaves in our daily cooking thereby reducing food waste. For example broccoli and cauliflower stems, radish and turnip leaves may make way into our palate this year.

7.    High Protein Seeds and Nuts: We have already seen high protein seeds making way into our everyday diet mostly the common ones like almonds, pistachios, walnut etc. There is a whole new list of high protein seeds which would be an addition to our diet this year like sunflower seeds, pecan, apricots, macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sesame etc. I personally roast a combination of all the seeds, add a pinch of salt and keep it handy as a munchie when I get hungry.

These are just a few eating trends which would become a part of our palate this year. There are many other trends which may come in during the year and go on till the coming year.

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