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Escargot for Beginners in Aruba

For all my food lovers out there, something to add on your bucket list is escargot. When I first tried it, my mouth watered with happiness. The flavors were like no others and the texture was out of this world. Though, you will have to watch how it is prepared and served at the restaurant you are in. I had the pleasure of trying this dish outside of the United States.


I’m from a small town in New Hampshire that isn’t known for escargot. This dish is known to be consumed by many people throughout France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Portugal, and more. I had this fantastic dish while visiting Aruba. It has a mixture of cultures and diverse food to match.


You may only think of dazzling beaches when Aruba comes to mind but this beautiful island has much more to offer. This island provides tasty rum, incredible art, and a lively place to socialize and party. On top of all of that, it has incredible food that is a must try, one being some amazing escargot dishes that you won’t find in the States.


What is Escargot?

Escargot is a snail that has been cooked and prepared to eat. Usually giant snails are used to make this dish. Some chefs cook them and then keep the shells while others veto the shells altogether and mix the escargot with something else like mushrooms. If you get the chance, you must try them both ways. It is one of the best appetizers you can enjoy while on any trip.

How does Escargot taste?

I was lucky enough to dine at Quinta Del Carmen, a four-star restaurant. It was casual and comfortable with candlelit tables. The perfect setting to try my first plate of escargot. It was served in a round bowl, with no shells and the most delicious scent I have ever smelled.

The escargot was served with a garlic butter sauce and mushrooms all mixed in together. The texture was interesting because it was smooth like the mushrooms mixed in but slightly gooey. While I was eating the plate, I couldn’t quite tell the difference between the mushrooms and the escargot. The only thing that I knew was that it melted in my mouth and was one of the best dishes I had ever had.


How is escargot cooked and prepared?

Fun fact about escargot shells, they can actually be cleaned and reused like little dishes. Usually, chefs will buy the meat or snail and reuse the same shells from others. Before that, they cook the snails in the oven. The shells are covered in a delicate butter lemon sauce. It can be baked and then served with a nice slice of bread to enjoy.

Where to Find the Best Escargot in Aruba?

•    Quinta Del Carmen– Now I may be biased because this is one of the first places I tried escargot without knowing it was even a snail. It was put together delectably with buttered mushrooms and lemon served along with crunchy toasted bread.

•    Water’s Edge Restaurant and Bar– One of the best places to grab a quick bite to eat and, of course, a fantastic drink. They serve escargot with lemon butter sauce topped with garlic bread crumbs.

•    Papillion Restaurant– This restaurant provides a romantic vibe for a couple on vacation. Best of all, it is one of the best places to get escargot. It is served with a garlic cream sauce, onions, and a lot of herbs with toasted breadsticks to enjoy.

Though many of my American friends find this to be a weird or gross dish, it is a delicacy that you should try once in your life. They have the texture of oysters or other shelled creatures, but if appropriately served, you won’t know it is a snail. It will melt in your mouth and taste like one of the best things you have ever eaten.

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  1. Great article! My family loves escargot. Even my 8 year old! We get them regularly frozen (in garlicky butter!) at Sanders Fish Market in Portsmouth, NH. You just pop the tray in the oven and bake! So easy! Although I’d prefer to get them in Aruba….


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