Thursday, August 11, 2022

Exotic Markets in Thailand

There is nothing more immersive in real Asian culture than walking through a real market, buying street food and souvenirs, tasting delicacies, and seeing what locals buy and eat. Today we will explore all the available cheap markets in Thailand and find out what the largest market in Phuket hides. We will truly appreciate the mastery of trading, which is not given to everyone, therefore only experienced traders survive in the markets and are able to sell you even an unnecessary thing 🙂

Banzaan Market

This is the largest grocery market in Phuket. He works on Sai Cor Road. Bazan Market is a large two-story building where not only food is sold, but also clothes, souvenirs, etc. On the second floor of the market there is a food area where you can try local food. Street vendors are sitting near the market, offering passers-by Southeast Asian dishes, seafood, crepes, etc. You can get some goodies and have a bite to eat right outside the market, or you can go to the hotel and have a great meal there. The cost of dishes and food will delight you, it is lower than in Russia. The market runs until midnight. The downside is that the market is extremely noisy. In Thailand, it is customary to bargain, while attracting the public to their side. Exit: buy products and other goods in the shopping center, but there the prices are much higher. In stationary markets, commodity prices are approximately similar, with the exception of mobile markets trading on various beaches and in other tourist centers: prices are higher there.

Pattaya Floating Market

Of all the Pattaya markets, the Pattaya Floating Market is the most exotic. It is a house mounted on stilts, and connected by passages. You can move between the houses on a rented boat. The Floating Market is located on the Sukhumvit Highway. Today, the area of ​​interest is more than 100 thousand m2.

Here you can fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Thai life, in everyday life and culture, learn the traditions. Despite the fact that the market is floating, infrastructure and civilization are present here. There are ATMs, a cinema, schemes are placed for ease of movement. As for the assortment, it is diverse and is not inferior to any of the existing markets in the city. On the floating market you can eat, buy clothes, shoes, souvenirs, cosmetics, herbs and eat deliciously.

The floating market operates from morning until 21-00 and is more focused on tourists. Entertainment is organized for visitors to the floating market – you can ride a boat, fly a cable through the lake, watch national dances or Thai boxing.

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