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Farmer’s Creekside in LeRoy, NY

There are certain places in a village’s history that are reinvented throughout generations, but remain part of the community no matter what. Farmer’s Creekside in LeRoy, NY is one of those places.


The structure which was built originally in the 19th century was originally a Senator’s home on one of the busiest roadways in between Buffalo and Rochester. In over two hundred years, the establishment has been through many owners, and for the past sixty years has been a restaurant with much of the time also having rooms available to reserve for the night. In 2004, a fire almost destroyed the entire building, but was rescued by a local man. In its newest reiteration, Farmer’s Creekside is owned by Bill Farmer, a local businessman and mason who put more than ten years of work into restoring the building. Putting a modern twist on the historic building, the stonework is visible both in the interior and the exterior paired with updated siding, floors and walls. Dark wood is dominant throughout the dining room manifesting in sturdy wooden tables and a large bar gracing the room as soon you enter. A beautiful expanse of the Oatka Creek, LeRoy’s library, and school is visible through several large windows in the dining room. Tables are set with cloth napkins and silver awaiting diners.


I have eaten many times at several different times of the day at Farmer’s Creekside. The food is made fresh daily by a staff of high quality chefs who make everything in house from the bread to the desserts. Because the menu is made from locally procured food, it is often changed and varied. From experience, and when they have it, the lamb is delicious and tender. For lunch, the recommendation is the chicken Waldorf salad sandwich, on large, thickly sliced, homemade bread. There is a professionally selected wine list to choose from to pair perfectly with any meal by a licensed sommelier. If you’re not in the mood for wine or draft beer, there is a full staff of bartenders who can mix a mean Moscow Mule among other delicious beverages. Most recently, the restaurant began serving Sunday brunches. With a wonderful mix between breakfast and lunch options there is surely something to soothe anyone’s appetite. The blueberry buckwheat pancakes are as dense as they are delicious and the biscuits and gravy are made with rabbit sausage for a light, lean flavor that absorbs the gravy perfectly. Of course, the requisite mimosas, bloody mary’s, and Bellini’s are available made to order from freshly squeezed juice


An outdoor seat by the creek at the restaurant’s lower level bar is highly recommended. On warm evenings, there is nothing better than to sit by the water, a cool drink in your hands listening to live music. It is often crowded when the weather is nice, so be sure to get there early. If the temperature does cool, not only is the outside floor tile heated, but there are long copper heaters to light to keep you warm next to the water. Don’t want to leave? No problem. There are rooms avialable to rent on the top floors, recently refurbished and very lush.

The Creekside is as much of LeRoy’s history as Jell-o or Ingham University. One of the oldest buildings in the town still stands and is open for the public to enjoy and enjoy you shall. Be a part of LeRoy’s history and stop by Farmer’s Creekside for a delicious meal, attentive service, and expertly paired beverages. You’ll be glad you made the trip to quiet, upstate New York to this unique establishment.

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Mary E Harris
Mary E Harris
Betsy Harris is a freelance writer from Rochester, NY writing for several local publications, guest blogging, and web content. She loves food, culture, and traveling and writing all about it.


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