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Top 10 The Best Restaurant Bún Mắm (Fermented Fish Noodle Soup) in Vietnam

Linh Nguyen Quy
Linh Nguyen Quy
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The West is famous for its rich land, full of fish and shrimp, and the home of fish sauce species. Fish sauce is the core value in the typical dishes of the people of the Southwest region. Also from here, many special dishes have been enhanced by the ingenuity and ingenuity of the people of the river.

There are many sources that say that hot pot originates from Can Tho, but some others claim that it originates from Chau Doc – An Giang. However, wherever it is, fish sauce hotpot has become really popular, becoming a typical dish of the country living in the country. Hot pot is not just a dish, it is also a great spiritual value that shows the diverse colors in the lives of the people here.

Top 10 The Best Restaurant Bún Mắm (Fermented Fish Noodle Soup) in Vietnam
Alpha, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The fish sauce hot pot dish is often found in family dinners, year-end parties, and festivals of the people of the South. The right way to cook hot pot with fish sauce is the right source of ingredients to ensure the freshest selection. The spirit fish sauce will be cooked in a very large pot of water, using the whole pot to use the meat to cook the sauce.  This part of water will be boiled and then added with seasoning spices to satisfy the mouth.

This stage determines the taste of the dish, so it will take a lot of time for the grandmother.

How to cook delicious Western standard sauce hot pot

The main ingredient of fish sauce hot pot dish is Da Linh fish sauce (the type of ice that is kept for a long time or you can use other types of ice such as grilled fish, ice cubes are fine) served with a variety of meat, ice, shrimp, crab, squid, white rice. pretty old.

The fish sauce hot pot is served with 20 different types of vegetables such as: water spinach, dandelion flower, cotton ball, coriander, bean sprouts, banana flower, etc.

Depending on the taste of each person, there will be different ways of seasoning and cooking recipes. To make the fish sauce hot pot more delicious, you should choose accompanying ingredients such as fish, eel, squid meat, shrimp,…depending on your preferences. Not as restrictive as other dishes, with fish sauce hot pot, any ingredient can be eaten.

However, it is important that the ingredients of meat, fish, shrimp … must be very fresh, the accompanying vegetables must be diverse such as bitter vegetables, water lily, cotton bud, coriander, … really green.

It can be said that fish sauce hot pot is the most typical dish in the countless delicacies of the Mekong Delta. It is both rich and brings a little emotion, the close and simple taste of the sincere and gentle people here. First, you have to prepare the ingredients and stew the pork bones, then prepare the fish sauce, wait until the water shows signs of thickening, then stop.

Then filter the water, put the cooked hot pot in the pot and put it on the stove.

Vegetables are neatly and beautifully arranged on the plate, you can add squid, shrimp, snails, fish to go with fresh vermicelli or vermicelli.

5 types of vegetables served with the most delicious fish sauce hotpot

Bông Điên Điển

Bông Điên Điển is a legume, small woody plant, adapted to habitats in flooded areas. This vegetable is concentrated mainly in the regions of An Giang, Dong Thap, Long An, Can Tho… Yellow flowers look very beautiful, eaten with hot pot fish sauce is very delicious and also effective in treating sleep problems, constipation, heat in the body.

Hoa Kèo Nèo

Hoa Kèo Neo is used both plants and flowers, but flowers are considered the most delicious part, dipping in fish sauce hot pot is considered a specialty. It impresses users with its sweet, soft taste, although it is a bit ringy but has a very specific smell. Neo is also a medicine to treat back pain, aches and pains, diuretic so it is very good for health.

Bắp Chuối

Bắp Chuối is used a lot in Vietnamese meals, this is a vegetable that is rich in fiber, protein and unsaturated fatty acids. Bắp Chuối is thinly sliced, soaked in salt to not be dark, dipped in hot pot with fish sauce, which has a slightly acrid taste but is delicious.

Bông sua đũa

Bông sua đũa grow in clusters, have white or purple flowers, are used in many culinary dishes. Bông sua đũa have a slightly bitter taste, but the aftertaste is sweet and cool. When served with fish sauce hot pot, if you do not want to have a ring taste in the dish, you can remove the pistil, calyx and flower stalk.

Rau bông súng

Rau bông súng stalks when eaten with fish sauce hotpot will have a sweet, chewy, crunchy flavor that is very interesting. Rau bông súng has the effect of antispasmodic, sedative, heart-supporting, respiratory, vitality-enhancing effect… it also has the effect of clearing heat, preventing drunkenness, and stopping bleeding very well, so it is loved by many people.

Top 10 The Best Restaurant:

  1. Phuong Nam Restaurant: Hanoi, Vietnam
  2. Ninh Kieu fish sauce hot pot: No.03, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam.
  3. Dong Thap Restaurant with Dai Nam cuisine: Nguyen Thi Luu, Dong Thap Province, Vietnam
  4. Hai Lua Restaurant: Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, Dong Thap Province, Vietnam
  5. Bau Sen Eco Restaurant: Dong Thap Province, Vietnam
  6. Dong Thap Xeo Quyt Restaurant: Dong Thap Province, Vietnam
  7. Hometown Cuisine Restaurant (Nhà Hàng Ẩm Thực Quê Nhà) : Pham Ngoc Thach, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
  8. Lẩu Mắm Bà Dú Hot Pot : District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  9. Country Corner Restaurant – Country cuisine: Dang Tien Dong, Dong Da, Hanoi, Viet Nam
  10. Phuong Nam Restaurant – Southern delicacies: Dong Da, Hanoi, Viet Nam

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