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Food and Drinks in Mountainous Karabakh

The land of Artsakh, the central and largest part of which is better known throughout the 20th century as “Nagorno-Karabakh” or “Mountainous Karabakh,” is one of three ancient provinces of Armenia, located in the eastern end of the Armenian Plateau.

Beyond the mystical beauty of the place, Karabakh is one of the cradles of Armenian statehood and contains a large number of the key landmarks of Armenian history. The region is an open sky treasure house of Christian art and architecture, hosting hundreds of medieval churches, monasteries and khachkars (cross-stones).

And today we show what they prefer to lay on the table in this beautiful land.

Let’s start our acquaintance with a traditional event. Wine Festival – marks the end of summer and the beginning of the harvest season. Dozens of wine producers come to the event. In addition to the wine fair, guests will enjoy a concert, craft fair, refreshments and other entertainment.

The capital of Artsakh is the city of Stepanakert, in the market of which you can find absolutely all fresh and ecological products: from homemade milk to nuts and spices. The market is full of various fresh fruits and vegetables.  The brand of country is “Zhengyalov hats” . It is the kind of Armenian  tacos filled with more than 26 types of  herbs that grow only in this area.

Armenians just love to make moonshine by themselves. Annually that simple moonshine still can produce about 1-2 tons of Armenian vodka. How it works. Firstly, we fill the tank with special potion. It will be base for future drink. Then put on tank on the  fire. Raising steam is cooling thanks to the green barrel with cold water  and at the tap is dripping moonshine. In small quantities Armenian vodka is the cure for everything.

Armenians love different kind of sweets. Saying, traditional soochooh. It is a candy that you will want to taste over and over. It is a  most filling and tasty thing in the world on a hunch. Armenians cook it at home and use only natural ingredients such as doshab (black honey) and nuts. It is the thing that everybody deserve for once in their lives.

Actually, Artsakh is a modern country. Here you will find all you ever dreamt of.

The magnificent scenery, soft climate, the pure curative air, the rich and varied forests, the healing mineral waters, the tumbling waterfalls, historic sights and the warm hospitality of local Karabakhi’s provide visitors with unforgettable memories!

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