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Food Combinations You Need to Try

Sweet and salty, spicy and bitter, and eventually the umami. The flavor combinations available to us are endless. 

But, there is a reason that chili and chocolate work so well together. The delicate balance of flavors and the punch of the bitter cocoa beans and the chili is delicious. 

Food combinations that belong on your radar might not be in the Micheline restaurants, but they are worth your time in the kitchen. 

Food Combinations You Need to Try
Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

Food Combinations: Chocolate and Avocado

If you have ever been to a vegan restaurant and ordered a cake, you have probably already tried this combination. There is something between the creaminess of the avocado and the sweetness of the chocolate that just works. 

Instead of just trying these two together on a cracker – add them both to a morning smoothie and be pleasantly surprised at how delicious it is. 

Just watch out that you balance the cocoa powder well. 

Pizza and Ranch

You either love ranch, or you think it is overrated – both opinions hold some weight. But, for a moment, consider dipping the pointed end of the pizza in the tangy ranch. 

The sweetness of the tomato and the salty – slightly chewy melted cheese work perfectly with ranch dressing. 

For those who have never tried ranch, it is a pretty simple dressing and sits between tangy and sweet, herb and garlicy, and can have a base of buttermilk or mayo. Slightly ambiguous, maybe, but do your pizza in some. 

Strawberries, Basil and Balsamic

We are so used to strawberries with cream or chocolate that sometimes we forget that the Italian combo is delicious. Balsamic vinegar can unlock even more of the sweetness in strawberries. 

Basil and balsamic are things we often consider an addition, but strawberries go perfectly with basil in smoothies, ice cream, and even just together in general. 

The herby, sweet and tangy treat packs a flavor. If you want to get even more experimental, then grill your strawberries first for a taste explosion. 

Chicken and Pickles

Chicken n is the perfect meat for soaking up flavor, and the kick of a pickle is undeniably enticing. 

Before you coat your chicken ready for frying, let it marinate in some pickle brine and buttermilk for a while. 

Buttermilk we know is the acidity we want to tenderize the chicken and stop it from becoming chewy or dry. Add a little bit of pickle juice for a unique flavor. 

If that sounds like a combo, you’d rather miss, then use Country Sweet Chicken & Ribs – hot for a fantastic flavor combo. 

Ice Cream and Fries

This combo hits the sweet bit for some, and for others, it is a disaster. It works, though, because the salted fries and the super sweet ice cream have a delicious balance. 

The other layer that makes this work so well is the texture. Well-cooked fries have a little bit of crunch and soft fluffy middle, while the ice cream is creamy and soft. And even more than that, the hot-cold combo is interesting too. 

Want to know more about the combinations that make food tasty? Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat; a Breakdown of What Makes a Dish

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